Dust Trial / Press

“Reading through the above paragraphs I think we can quickly figure out that we have an amazing combination here, different styles, backgrounds and influences and if you have listened to their music, it really reflects on their tracks so far.”

“Dust Trial wants to leave as many doors open as possible when they write new tracks. Each listener should go on his own journey and benefit from his own imagination. They try to stay as neutral as possible so each one of us can dive into our own world and phantasies. Nicely played! I would say that this track is heading into the direction of symphonic rock music. Wow! Listen to Sysiphe around 4:30 into the track and the way the voices were doubled! I want to see this live and I want to party!”

“The French are at it again! I can not believe how many artists are out there which I haven’t discovered yet! After a cold and rainy day I sit here in front of my laptop, researching and listening to the wonderful, frequently a bit melancholic and yet touching sounds of Dust Trial. It is that time of the day where it ain’t bright anymore but it isn’t dark yet either. I guess you call it twilight. The music, the atmosphere and my mood seem to be in perfect harmony.”