Dust Stompers / Press

“After much anticipated wait, Denver quartet The Dust Stompers have released their full length album titled “Fairly Rock and Roll.” The album offers 13 songs with a focused and sharp sound, yet still maintains the bands characteristic grittiness as rock-n-roll outlaws. Their delivery throughout the record is enough to cut through and hold my attention, yet hangs loose enough to allow me to relax and even manages to put me in a whiskey-swillin mood. Forget the rules and expect less genre-dictated confines while listening to this record, and just kick back and listen to 4 drifters tell their story of life, love, and everything in-between.”

"Denver quartet The Dust Stompers serve up a tasty fusion of rock, blues, and country with their grit-n-groove style. Jeremy's soulful voice backed by uplifting and bouncy arrangements simply puts you in a good mood. "Off the Beaten Path" was my fav for it's ability to transport my mind to a warm summer day bbq with a drink in hand."


"....and damn if it's (Gimme Some Sugar) not awesome! Colorado Native worthy quite frankly..."

Boomer "The Rabbi of Rock" - Colorado Native Show - 103.9 KRXP Colorado Springs