Dustin Saucier and The Sad Bastards / Press

“These Bastards deflect affectation by being unapologetic about what they’re doing: Performing heart-felt lamentations with everything they’ve got. Saucier has built upon his full-length solo debut, I Wrote a Letter, with a tight follow-up EP in Paper that shows sharpened focus and sense of purpose.”

“Though Saucier certainly draws on the wellspring of emo and pop-punk songwriting that has buoyed others, there’s far more going on here. There’s some of that fragile, melodic Elliott Smith soul-baring, as on the haunting “Home,” and the aching harmonies throughout even bring to mind, at times, Fleet Foxes, as on gorgeous “Feigning Fight” or the impassioned “The Fox and the Rabbit.” Though Saucier does wear his heart on his sleeve, it never feels as though he’s emoting for emotions’ sake; it feels real, it feels honest, and it feels like Saucier is mature enough to know when to reign it in. “The Paper EP” is probably the biggest, best Maine musical surprise I’ve encountered in the past six months. It’s really good. If you like smart, engaging songwriting, you’d do well to seek it out.”

“An all new sound from a very familiar voice in the Portland music scene, 'I wrote a letter' is Dustin Saucier's admirable debut solo album.”