Dustin Craig / Press

"I always thought Mike Eli (Eli Young Band) had one of the most recognizable voices in country music, but he may have to take a step to the side here and let Dustin Craig share that spotlight with him. You only have to hear Dustin sing once to know you are going to remember that voice when you hear it again.

Country Chatter

“Dustin Craig’s vocals are something rare and I mean that in a good way. While many singers struggle at finding a perfect blend of rock and country, Craig finds that mixture seamlessly and effortlessly. It’s a mixture that creates a sound that is honest and pure, which allows for the emotion of each song to accurately and successfully sound through to listeners.”

Kayln Jacobs - That's Music To Me

"It’s a record that is extremely strong and really blew my mind. Knowing I’d be able to hear the fantastic tunes and stellar vocals by lead singer Dustin Craig in person, I was anxiously awaiting to see if what I heard on the record matched what I heard in person. My expectations were not only met, but blown out of the water."

Kayln Jacobs - That's Music To Me