Dussel Has Friends / Press

"DHF mix rock and rap very much in the style of a millennial Beastie Boys."

“If you’ve finally taken a break from the excellent Run The Jewels 2, Dussel Has Friends should be your new hip hop obsession. Mixing elements of alternative rock, rap, and electronic pop, the band has crafted sound that any listener can get behind.”

““Run For The Hills” boasts a huge vocal hook and synth and bass lines that are nourished by the collective’s intensity."”

“The track is a serious breath of fresh air to hip hop.”

“One of the best up-and-coming hip hop live bands in the game right now.”

“By the third track I no longer was attempting to take mental notes of little details. I was no longer writing a story about a fledgling band, I was simply a fan.”

“James Donald is equipped with a lyrical tenacity that compels listeners to listen closely”

“But there was no need for such description: the group’s sound, lyrics and personalities speak for themselves. Distinctly.”

“You knew this was different the moment the band began to play its first song.”

““KINDA” reminds me of N.E.R.D. a little bit. They have their own dope sound tho…so please take some time out and listen to it.”

“Hip-hop meets alternative-rock band offers a refreshing take on that hybrid genre.”

“Dussel Has Friends. Bringing an amazing Hip-Hop aspect to the alternative rock sound, they incorporate rock beats and tones accompanied by Hip-Hop flowing lyrics”

“James Donald takes us on a trip through the eyes of America’s next generation, a troubled generation; a generation of unbridled teenage sexuality, a generation of rampant drug abuse, a generation caught up in the midst of a deep existential vacuum. James is backed up perfectly on the 1’s and 2’s by Vinny Previti and Sid Nicolas who lay out a hypnotic rolling beat not to mention the hauntingly brilliant guitar of Rich Nardo which sounds off like an alarm, triggering flashbacks of the 70’s rock scene blends perfectly with the funky bass lines of bassist, Ricky Cody”

“American Made is less of a single and more of a statement of intent. This is conscious hip hop similar to Handlebars by Flobots, the intensity is infectious and by the time the track is finished, you wish their EP was out.”

“They didn't simply create Rock-Rap or Rap-Rock, they created something all their own. Something that truly sounded new and refreshing”

“More observational and less rabble-rousing and bile-filled than RATM, this is still a cracking example of the way rap and rock can crossover to produce music of quality. In short, it rocks.”

“featured artist on www.musicwithoutlabels.com”

“Dussel Has Friends: “American Made” — New York 5-piece hip-hop outfit Dussel Has Friends offers two flavors of the rock-infused track “American Made””

“I’ve feel as if I’ve been hit in the side of the head with a cinder block full of beautiful sounds. I’m starting to see all sorts of psychedelic colors and smell the nagchampa incense burning just beneath my nose. No, no it’s not a drug induced hallucination it’s the new single from Dussel Has Friends.”

“This is no slick digital studio mass-market lamecore effort: lyrically, 'American Made' is a credible tale of tough living in the 'hood, delivered with a real punch and absolute sincerity. Musically, it's a genre-straddling amalgamation of hip-hop, rock and more, played on real live instruments.”

“Basically, this is what Lil Wayne's Rebirth album wishes it sounded like.”