Dulcie Taylor / Press

“Dulcie Taylor, like any singer/songwriter worth his/her salt, has something to say about relationships and understanding ourselves, but she doesn't forget to add some interesting ingredients into the musical stew...To top it all off, Taylor's a good singer who fills her songs with emotion while the shifting cast of bandmembers offers a sympathetic foundation. Mirrors & Windows is a solid singer/songwriter effort that reaches beyond the usual clichés of the genre.”

“Throughout the album, Taylor's voice is as clear and versatile as her playing and songwriting, which uses little details to tell a larger story...Diamond & Glass offers enough bright spots to make it a promising debut.”

“Dulcie Taylor’s second CD, Mirrors and Windows, is striking in its variety, yet you don’t find yourself thinking, "She’s all over the place and can’t seem to find her voice." Instead, you figure she must be covering lots of different people’s songs. But no -- she wrote or co-wrote every one. What we have here is a very talented songwriter and performer.”

“SoundStage Best Recordings of 2004”

“Taylor mines that circumstance for musical and lyrical inspiration, but in her case it's focused on the intimacy and emotion of relationships rather than historical narrative. "Blackberry Winter," a cut on her latest release Mirrors and Windows, frames the uncertainty of emotional challenges with the images of changing weather in a southern spring, while "Miracle" offers comments on hope and connection which begin in the noisy atmosphere of a workaday bar.”

“Dulcie Taylor is like everyone's best friend -- sweet, understanding and honest. On her second album, "Mirrors and Windows," Taylor simplifies deep feelings and delivers them with an honest voice, always staying direct and unpretentious.”

“A array of sepia-tinged life truths find a glimmering voice on award-winning songwriter Dulcie Taylor’s latest release, Mirrors and Windows, a warm, intimate album of contemporary roots music infused with soulful Appalachian spirit. Steeped in the fertile soil of country-folk and honeyed harmonies, Taylor brings to her music a Southern vocal lilt, tender lyrical insights, and a knack for pristine melodies.”