Dukakis People / Press

“Dukakis People/ Good People/ (BVS) Remember Michael Dukakis? The former presidential candidate won't be throwing his hat into the ring for the 2000 election, but the Dukakis People have an excellent chance of winning over Missouri. The group's third album, Good People, contains a high-potency blend of styles, with jazzy intros leading into synthesizer-induced bliss while trunk-rattling bass pounds in the background. There's also plenty of emotion, with the haunting "Sad But Beautiful Dream" and the poignant dedication "My Dear Brother". Other highlights include the pulsing dance track "Word", and "Baal", which recreates the sublime sound of early Prince. "I'll Do Anything" provides the perfect example of this group's genius: a pulsing keyboard line gives way to a chorus that samples the vocal line 'I can't go for that'. First Dukakis, then Hall and Oates-- this trio has a way of making stiff white guys seem cool. Maybe Al Gore should give them a call.”

Andrew Miller - Pitch Weekly