Duette / Press

“Duette – A cheekily named duet comprised of Duane Spencer and Paulette Licitra, who feature ukulele and guitar, fun quirky melodies, and tight vocal harmonies. Duette’s engaging music skips around the genre map, but is always filled with captivating heart. Fans of Cole Porter, The Everly Brothers, and early Sun Records recordings will dig this!”

David Bash - International Pop Overthrow Festival

“Y'all are awesome.”

A.T. - Nashville, TN

“We were lucky enough to hear "Duette" at Brown's Diner last night. Paulette and Duane are completely charming together. We happily sang along with the up-tempo oldies and sat peacefully listening to lullabies and love songs. The repertoire just left us smiling. The world could use a little more Duette.”

W.L.Z. - Nashville, TN

“PRETTY DARN GREAT. I loved it. All of it. GREAT. Thank you. Now i know you're lighting up the world with your lives in 2013. ”

Lill - Brooklyn, NY

“LOVE the new song!! I was tapping my feet and humming along the whole time.....”

D.D. - Nashville

“You both sound great and what a nice style of songs. I love the rhythm. I can see you playing in the Village all the time and no wonder why Nashville loves your sound!!! ”

A.R. - Stony Brook, NY

“You look and sound great, and seem to be having such fun! It's so cool that you are living the dream. I admire you.”

M.O. - Kennebunk, ME

“She cooks, she sings, and she does it! I love it! Dooo It! He does too!! All Nashville Italians say Weioooooo!”

P.N. - Hermitage, TN

“I've yet to find a Facebook page more entertaining than yours, you freaks. ♥”

S.S. - Hampton Beach, NH

“You guys stole the show!”

J.R. - Nashville

“Absolutely Love It! How refreshing!!”

L.H. - NYC

“The songs are delightful and surprising. They tickle.”

J.M. - Fan Mail

“Hey guys, really liked your songs!”

Man on the Street - Nashville

“You remind me of bubbly wine”

L.H. Nashville

“GREAT GREAT SONG. I wish I could come hear you sing.”


“You two totally crack me up! Take My head Off My Shoulders is hysterical!”

D.W. - Franklin, TN

"Man, that song just made the sun come out!"

J.T. Douglas Corner

“You guys are cute.”

A Fan, of the Fan clan, the whole Fan Damily.

“Duette! You two are adorable!”

E.L. Cleveland, OH

“Soooo beautiful I had to hear it again.”

L.I. Franklin, TN

“I love your sounds. I LOVE Don't Trash the Miracle, lyrics are so wonderful and wise and the music has wonderful layers. Truly magic. LOVE the instrumentals and the blending of your voices. Make more music Duette.”


“The lyrics are wonderful, so playful and visual..Duette..I'm passing this on to friends and my family!”


“Very cool! Love the horns!!!”

P.A. Hartford, CT

“This one is therapeutic! I love TAKE MY HEAD OFF MY SHOULDERS. It could be my anthem these days as it's how I feel some hours of each day...yet you made the feeling better, because your voices have so much warmth and the melody and beat are so right. ”

L.B. Queens, NY