Duenday / Press

“Duenday’s one of the young groups like Illuminous 3 that seems hungry to fill that void, showcasing a laid back, sorta old-school flow over lush backpack rap beats that they make in house. Rappers In2wishin and Initial MC crafted this self-titled debut while still in college (Intial’s a U of M boy) but the duo aren’t serving up any open-mic night rhymes here. Duenday have a charming, slightly goofy steez that’s firmly grounded in their Southside hippie-hoodrat lifestyle and write tracks that range from lightweight house-party bangers like “Matt’s Cool Raps” to environmental politics on “What’s Happening” featuring the venerable Unicus from Kanser. The two mc’s have a precocial talent for weaving their verses around one another’s and both seem to approach the mic with a smile and a mutual chemistry that belies their offstage friendship. In2 even proves he’s got a pipes by singing a few of the album’s hooks like on “Both Sides of the Spectrum”, the record”

“2010 started off on a bright note for the duo and it’s only gotten better with the release of their first full-length, self-titled record. It was released Nov. 13 by Minneapolis underground rap label No Static Records at Downtime Bar and Grill to a capacity crowd. Duenday’s debut record describes the lives of drunk and stoned college students and it sounds young. The two, however, have enough lyrical talent to make this often-trite subject matter sound fresh.”