Duebwa Loving / Press

“PRESS RELEASE" Polis Records LLc, Signs with Bungalo/UMGD and Announces New Artist Signing Duebwa Loving Polis Records announces new Manufacting/Distribution Venture with Bungalo/UMGD Polis Records a LA/IL Base Independent Label, February, 18th 2014 announces New Distribution/Manufacting agreement with Bunglo/UMGD, and also newly signed artist Duebwa Loving. We here at Polis Records are excited about Bounglo/UMGD and our newly signed artist Duebwa Loving being added to our roster/family. Polis Records as well as Duebwa Loving, feel right at home with Bunglo/Universal” says President and Founder Lee G Loving, Pop/R&B artist Duebwa Loving is just one of many Polis Artist to come. We here at Polis are honored, with our relationship we have developed in partnering with Bounglo/UMGD and looking to do great things in the years to come as we move forward. For more information on Duebwa Loving please visit him at www.duebwaloving.com, Duebwa/Press contact: Don Pany at cmg_don_pany@yahoo”

“Duebwa Loving's HOLD BACK THE TEARS, HIS FIRST VIDEO/SINGLE, SET FOR NOVEMBER 21st RELEASE ON POLIS RECORDS INDIE LABLE (Date – City) Global phenomenon Duebwa Loving begins his first year on the world stage with his November 21st video/single release of “HOLD BACK THE TEARS”. The video/single is an original composition co-written by Duebwa Loving. “HOLD BACK THE TEARS” will be available on line for downloads on iTunes. The full 1 hour 18 minutes CD that will be entitled “DRIVEN” is scheduled to be released in 2013 under UVMG distribution. “DRIVEN” first single “Hold Back The Tears” accompanying video was shot last month in the west suburban town of Naperville, Illinois by A-Lonna Production LLc, who also will be directing Duebwa's “Branding Time” video that’s to come in 2013.“Hold Back The Tears” was written and produced by Chicago / LA / Detroit production team known as A-Lonna'”

“How To Get Duebwa Loving To Your Town Or A Town Near You? Contact: Don Pany @ Coremg_don_pany@yahoo.com”