Dub Symptom / Press

“Dub Symptom, Casey Nay (Lead Guitar/vocals), Jeramy Stephan (Bass), and Tyler Hartman (Drums) is definitely surprising. The members are all pretty young but the talent they posess will slap you in face. With lyrics typical for reggae; legalizing marijuana, inefficient government, slaves to work and money; the rhythms are familiar but easy to groove to. The guitar riffs in particular, make listeners stop and watch with a 'whoa, dude!' Not being a huge fan of reggae doesn't play in, they'll get everyone hooked and excited about the next song. They draw in mostly young crowds but the crowds are loyal, adoring fans. Their fans may or may not have an interesting past and lifestyle to share. They might even buy you a drink.Dub Symptom have such an infectious groove that even a bar tender/bar owner can be caught swaying and doing the air guitar form behind the bar.........”