“The band’s innate ability to craft intricate song compositions and harmonies, are further amplified by the outstanding vocals and memorable, thought-provoking lyrics provided by lead vocalist/keyboardist Ryan Thaxter. The songwriting truly shines on tracks like “By Design”, “Spend the Day” and “Give In”, easily surpassing a majority of the mainstream pop reggae tunes found on the airwaves.”

“The bottom-heavy sound of “Light Flashes” is counterbalanced by a lightness of spirit that contributes to the beachy, feel-good vibe of tracks like the romantic “One Thing” and “Leaving,” which is reprised at album’s end in Welsch’s dub track “Leave In Dub.” “Give In” and “By Design” fit with reggae’s tradition of message-oriented anthems.”

“Light Flashes is an album filled with sunny sounds and positive vibes. It sounds modern but these guys have definitely spent some time with classic-reggae bands. It's pretty fair to say that if you like Rebelution, you'll love this new album from Dubbest.”

“But ultimately what projects Dubbest beyond the sea of the generic genre sound is their unique, memorable melodies. Whether it’s the opening vocal melody on the first single “Spend The Day,” or the impulsive singalong chorus to “Weeping Heart,” or pretty much every element of the song “Escape Route,” it wouldn’t be hard to imagine even a single member of their audiences vocalizing along with their incomparable melodies.”

“The dozen-song set produced by Craig “Dubfader” Welsch of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant draws from a wide well of classic reggae traditions to create distinctively refined music that's timeless rather than dated. As a whole, Light Flashes holds a wide range of sound and is very much a cohesive work and not bits and pieces of good ideas mashed up into a “Frankenstein” album.”

“The third album from these youthful Boston jammers is a sonic tonic of breezy, feel-good reggae-pop. Produced by John Brown’s Body/10 Ft. Ganja Plant engineer Craig Welsch, who imbues the tracks with the warm ambiance of ’70s-era roots reggae, songs like the earnestly romantic “One Thing” and “Give In” (“The suffering you face will only take you closer to the light”) float life-affirming mantras over infectious bass grooves. If you’re looking for a summer soundtrack, you could do worse than this easy-on-the-ears set. dubbestmusic.com”

“The album maintains a fresh and fascinating feel with its contrasting blend of catchy uptempo crowdpleasers and dub instrumentals that manage to stay sunny. Thanks to the professionalism of its recording and arrangements, it stands out as a worthy successor to the greats of yesteryear who guide the band’s aesthetic: Toots and The Maytals, Augustus Pablo, and Gregory Isaacs, to name a few.”

“How do a bunch of kids from Boston with Irish names sound so irie without sounding at all like Seth McFarlane? Sounding pretty much like you'd expect Beach Boys to sound like if they were recording 50 years later and not fighting all the time like in the movie, this is a set of sun and fun delivered in fine stylee. Tasty stuff to get toasted to that'll never harsh your mellow, playing it is the next best thing to bottling it so you can open it in the dead of winter and let the good times roll (and be rolled). Everything here is irie to the max.”

“Displaying a level of talent, taste, and patience beyond their years, the young lads of Dubbest took their time in the creation of their sophomore album, with the result being Avoid The Pier, total dub porn for the masses. The liner notes spec 13 tracks, but this is simply one big, fat hour of groove – a fine example of how some of the best new roots reggae being created these days is right here in the States (and much of it in the Northeast). If Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, and John Brown’s Body flip your switch, then you will enjoy Dubbest’s Avoid The Pier, my friend.”

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