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Duane Hitchings~Songwriter,EDM,Musician / Press

“ANNOUNCEMENT FROM Duane's Website on Reverbnation and also UTUBE ( version with beagle on the front picture - their are others but not the hit ) -------, Duane has a new recording out ( Electronic Dance Music (EDM) performed and remixed by a group in Europe named "The Writers Block" and remixed by a DJ named "Wankelmut". In two weeks into has gone from #19 to #1 on the dance charts in parts of Europe and will soon be a number #1 on the regular charts as a hit. That is the way it works in Europe”

Duane Hitchings - Hitchings Productions

“People asked were they could find the song Kim Carnes, Craig Krampf and I wrote for the movie Flashdance that Tina Turner eventually sang so I put it up. A REAL honor from one of the GREATS !! ( I'll Be Here Were The Heart Is )”

Hitch News

“Finished 8 tracks of Electronic Dance Music ( EDM ) for submission and back to "regular song" writing and then back to EDM. Having a ball !”

Der Hitchmeister - Writers Cramp Times

“Of those who are interested, I have been getting questions from different sources from both friends and other sources about the fact I am not listed as a writer on "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" that Rod stewart, Carmine Appice and I co-wrote. That is absolutely correct -- correct of the fact I didn't get credit for 10 years !!! Carmine and I started the core of the song at my house on Gower St, in Hollywood in 1979 and upon Rod hearing it , finished it !! Clerical error and a another private circumstance kept my name off the credits for 10 years ! Nuff said, da Hitch :)”

Who do you think - The Ugly Truth Gazette

“Hitchings stops reading. Only uses UTube and animated instruction videos !”

Fern - Brain Dead Times

“Romans 8:29”