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“9 Months ago, major hit called "Don't Look Any Further" remix by the The Writers Block on front of my Reverbnation page. #1 hit record on Cashbox for 4 weeks and coming , Billboard - "It Just Don't Happen" by Laura Dodd - a sweetheart and GREAT singer ! Co-wrote with her, Don Goodman and myself !”

Laura Dodd, Don Goodman, Duane Hitchings - It Just Don't Happen

"It Just Don't Happen" Laura Dodd week #5 in Cashbox, ( written by Laura Dodd, Don Goodman and Duane Hitchings. Another "Tomato" ( Some idiot reporter -m ON TV calling women - 'WOMEN ARE JUST A TOMATO ON THE GREAT SALED OF MALE COUNTRY ARTIST. "bro country" i.e.pickup trucks, tractors, and of calling very women ( on his pickup truck tailgate ) saying " hey baby, come here with those short shorts !! bro-country !! YES

Cashbox Mag

“Electronic Dance Music (EDM) remix of old hit "Don't Look Any Further" hits top of the dance, club and EDM charts in Europe. (March 2015)”

Remix Heaven . LOL !

“ANNOUNCEMENT FROM Duane's Website on Reverbnation and also UTUBE ( version with beagle on the front picture - their are others but not the hit ) -------, Duane has a new recording out ( Electronic Dance Music (EDM) performed and remixed by a group in Europe named "The Writers Block" and remixed by a DJ named "Wankelmut". In two weeks into has gone from #19 to #1 on the dance charts in parts of Europe and will soon be a number #1 on the regular charts as a hit. That is the way it works in Europe”

Duane Hitchings - Hitchings Productions

“People asked were they could find the song Kim Carnes, Craig Krampf and I wrote for the movie Flashdance that Tina Turner eventually sang so I put it up. A REAL honor from one of the GREATS !! ( I'll Be Here Were The Heart Is )”

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“Finished 8 tracks of Electronic Dance Music ( EDM ) for submission and back to "regular song" writing and then back to EDM. Having a ball !”

Der Hitchmeister - Writers Cramp Times

“Of those who are interested, I have been getting questions from different sources from both friends and other sources about the fact I am not listed as a writer on "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" that Rod stewart, Carmine Appice and I co-wrote. That is absolutely correct -- correct of the fact I didn't get credit for 10 years !!! Carmine and I started the core of the song at my house on Gower St, in Hollywood in 1979 and upon Rod hearing it , finished it !! Clerical error and a another private circumstance kept my name off the credits for 10 years ! Nuff said, da Hitch :)”

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“Hitchings stops reading. Only uses UTube and animated instruction videos !”

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“Romans 8:29”