Duane Allen Harlick / Press

“Harlick, one of Detroit’s most in-demand studio and live guitar players, is riding a wave of five 2016 Detroit Music Award nominations, including one for Best Americana Album.”

“Duane Allen Harlick has been nominated for 5 Detroit Music Awards in the 2016 DMA's. Outstanding Americana Album Outstanding Christian/Gospel Vocalist Outstanding Christian/Gospel Recording Outstanding Christian/Gospel Instrumentalist Outstanding Christian/Gospel Songwriter”

“Thanks for sending me your latest CD. It's wonderful. Truly great stuff. It's my current favorite CD in my car as I drive around. You are such a talented songwriter and artist. And a great guitar player too. But I think the vocals are so great, they almost eclipse the rest.”

“ONE OF DETROIT'S BEST: We had the pleasure to perform at Detroit's Motor City Casino with the uber-talented singer/songwriter/guitarist Duane Allen Harlick. A consummate performer, both vocally and instrumentally... Check out his latest album, "Beneath the Surface", which has original songs that are well crafted & produced, with great lyrics.”

““BUY RECOMMENDATION: I just listened to the entire album titled ‘BENEATH THE SURFACE’. Flavors of every genre, stories and feelings that took me where Duane Allen Harlick goes in this wonderfule collection of song: love Life and spirit. Excellent recording, mix, balance, clearly his guitar & voice. This is a sit back and take it in album you will not regret purchasing… What a music MASTER this guy is!!””

“Duane has always been my original guitar hero, but with Beneath the Surface, he proves once again that he is all that and so much more. An expert storyteller through exquisite melodies and well-crafted lyrics, he draws us in to the laughter and tears that are his life, and before we know it, we realize they are our own. Songwriters will appreciate how deceptively simple he makes it seem; the rest of us will simply enjoy the ride. So buckle up for a journey from Motown to Nashville, and all the places of our hearts in between. Sharon Tse May 8, 2015"”

Sharon Tse - Foreward

“Bravo! Duane is a consummate pro and a pleasure to work with... Though I've worked with many fine guitarists over the years, Duane takes the prize for the best dynamics... had total control of his sound while maintaining a hight energy level... the mark of a great player!!”

Neal Haber - People's Choice

““Kudos to the staff for bringing in Duane Harlick for the guitar clinic. Those of us that were there not only learned about guitars and using them in groups like ours, but also a good deal about what it takes to successfully be a member of an ensemble. It is a rare opportunity to be able to interface with someone of this much talent and ability..." “What an amazing talent he is Blessed with I truly hope he will come back again to play” “That was Awesome is there any chance he would come back?” “His song was beautiful” “I never realized just how much I didn’t know about guitar” “Duane’s song was wonderful, my wife and I have been struggling of late and his lyrics really hit home with really what it’s all about, we pray each day just to have that peace””

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