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““I really enjoyed the lyrics to this song. They were very pretty and I especially loved the message that it sounds. The beats and interments are very upbeat and I really enjoyed that. This is a nice little tune for religious music listeners.””

One of the Crowd - Jesus Rocks (Homemade Demo) review

“Awesome!!! You got some good music on your page. Keep it up!”

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“Great music! Great rock sound! Great performances!”

“Sonido potente amigo, una voz con personalidad: me gusta!”

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“Yeah Man! Rock the house! Break n' balls and all. Great music classic yeah!”

“Great on-fire rocking vocals and sound on "Can't Save Me"!!!”

“Got to say, "Permanent Disaster" is an excellent song! Great lyrics, vocals and instrumental accompaniment!”

“Sounds great man, keep up the good work!”

“I listened to a cross section of your music. Good stuff! You have an obvious passion for your craft. Keep it up!”

"We are wretched breed, we don't read our thoughts". Fantastic writing and performance on "Shame", which while still only a demo is already shaped into a great Smashing Pumpkins-like tune. And lovin' the gritty rockin thrust of "You've Got to Break my Balls": very memorable music. I'll have whatever the Doctor orders!!!

“Crackin' tunes, Dr.Zero!”

“Hey! Enjoying your music! Listening to "You've Got to Break my Balls". Will be back!”

“I like your sound, my fav is "Close to Me". Great work, keep the smooth rocking...”

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"Love Song"... great song... wonderful music...

“Your song "Shame" sounds very good!”

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“Hi brother, sounds great. Love the chord progression... Nice man... Shred...”

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“Thanks Dr.! Just listened to your song ! Nice sound!! :)”

"You've Got to Break my Balls" is cool; That's a sentence I don't say everyday :P

“Love your sound and how you're developing it!”

“Hi Dr.Zero, love your wee snappy rock song and LOVE the lyrics.”

“I can never stay away for long. "Love Song" has me completely hooked.”

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“Had a listen to "You've Got to Break my Balls" and really enjoyed the song, arrangement, lyrics and style... good stuff!”

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"In my humble opinion, I think you're on to something with the music and groove. [...] I think with the right production you could turn this into a internet success as well as off-stage sales."

“There are no borders in music when looking for beauty. Feel the beauty of music forever.”