Spies! / Press

“What stands out the most about the record is the raw, undeniable sense of pure rock. No EDM, no modern trendy hipster antics, just straight up solid alternative rock. “Side Work” is perhaps the strongest song on the record, a very radio-friendly track with squealing lead guitar that could be played anywhere from Open Air CPR to KTCL.”

“While there are currently three or four dedicated members, Norris has worked with an estimated 20 musicians since Spies! inception. While he may use anything available in the studio, like cellos and glockenspiels, live the music is stripped raw, laid bone-bare on the stage. The result is an impressive musical diversity that completing disregards genre, though the music is largely radio-ready guitar rock.”

"Their sound falls somewhere between indie rock and pop - drawing that tight line between popular appeal and musical honesty, and is an eclectic take on guitar-heavy modern rock. ...Spies! puts intricate leads on top of captivating rhythm lines and solidly descriptive vocals to create a sound that while mellow, is exceptionally picturesque."

“On “Dine Like Lions,” the EP released on Jan. 14, listeners find Spies! the eclectic rock band. At once, they are a jam-band, a prog-rock band, folk-rock, a power trio, and none of the above. It’s guitar-driven, layered music with synth soundscaping, harmonizing guitars and intriguing vocal harmonies. But the four songs on the EP use chords on the same jazz scale, offering the tying thread throughout the collection.”

“This album is terrific because it clearly celebrates the camaraderie that is formed because of music and through music. Spies is a respectable indie-rock outfit that plays with unrestrained love for the expansive spectrum in music.”