Drunken Prayer / Press

“Of all the musicians evoked by Drunken Prayer mastermind Morgan Christopher Geer, the one who most mirrors the Portlander is perhaps Eels’ Mark Oliver. Not in style, per se, but in Geer’s deft hand in encompassing such a wide range of musical influences and executing them, one after another, in a genre-hopping, stream-of-consciousness flood. And on record, he does most of it himself. On last year’s Into The Missionfield, as with the rest of his body of work, Geer drifts between alt-country, psychedelia, jangle pop and Americana, with the compositions glued together by his uniquely blunt cadence. ”

Willamette Week

“Soul, rag, blues, folk and gospel all move through these tunes, while ringmaster Morgan Christopher Geer reveals himself to be the illegitimate offspring of Tom Waits and Levon Helm. His wheedling delivery borrows Waits' ambling grit while echoing The Band's skillful blend of roots idioms and beguiling narrative.”

"Raw, intimate, powerful, accomplished..."

"House of Morgan, the part-time Portlander's third Drunken Prayer album, certainly isn't fenced in by much of anything....Waits would approve..."

"Taken as a whole, House of Morgan begins to make a kind of sense on its own White Album-esque terms..."

" Every artist should sound so coherent when in the midst of such intoxicating revelry."

"Morgan Christopher Geer (is) the man behind Drunken Prayer and also Warren Zevon's medium, showing him the world from the great beyond"

The Mercury (Portland, OR)

““Geer is the real deal as a frontman, a barking ringleader with chops between Tom Waits and the Butthole Surfers’ Gibby Haynes” ”

"...one part the Band, one part Tonight’s The Night and several parts sinner’s remorse...Bad Seeds-in-New Orleans noir..."

"Like an alt country Led Zeppelin..."

““…brooding ballads and Cash-esque country morbidity.””


Roots Music Report

““...I'm completely captivated...””

"...Geer's voice oozes a nonchalant bitterness that plays against the kind of hard-driving darkness you'll never find on today's pop-country charts...his style varies from outright guttural to an almost inculpable sincerity..."

"This is saint and sinner stuff full of passion and pain."

Jeff Weiss - Miles of Music

"Pay close attention to those thoughtful words - some of them are very deep and will challenge you."

Roots Music Report

“The tone—dark, but not without humor—is closer to the amorphous pop songwriting of Warren Zevon, Harry Nilsson and, yes, Tom Waits”

“Alt-country folks Drunken Prayer hit upon an eclectic and winning formula for Into the Missionfield. Led by North Carolina–to–Oregon singer/songwriter Morgan Geer, the group sways from straightforward acoustic folk through mild country-rock (check out the Wilco-fired "Balloons") and sunny pop ("Maryjane") to a moment during "The Missionfield" where Geer seems to be channeling Jackson Browne. A goofy sense of humor keeps things from getting too precious. "Brazil" opens as a jokey love song that sets up a variety of implausible scenarios. "I Saw It with My Open Two Eyes" and "You Walk" capture the bewildered innocence of Jonathan Richman. The band turns up the electric guitars for the traditional folk tune "Ain't No Grave" (best known by Johnny Cash) and recalls the charged electric attack of The Beatles' White Album with "Never Tends to Forget."”