Drunk as Shit / Press

“Let me assure you, readers, that this album holds true to its title—punk rock, thrashin’ and drinkin’, nothing more, nothing less … and I fucking love it! These guys have been a staple in the underground SLC punk scene, making a name for themselves with their wild stage shows and hardcore drinking antics—now they finally give us that insanity in 12 blistering tracks. Drunk Punk Thrash delivers DAS’s ferocious combination of punk, thrash and hardcore with brutal classics like “GABB,” “Utah Beer,” “Wasted Life” and their die-hard drinking anthem, “We are DAS.” This album is heavy as hell—it makes you want to get wasted and thrash like there is no tomorrow, and nowhere is that feeling more enhanced than at their wildly charismatic live shows. –Eric U. Norris”

"Just in case it’s not screamingly obvious, these dudes like to drink. They also like to tell as many people as possible that they like to drink. And they like to say so REALLY LOUDLY. There’s nothing subtle or nuanced happening here, just loud, fast hardcore street punk, with straightforward, chugging guitar chords and ear-pummeling drums. Drunk as Shit’s 12-track debut full-length album kicks off with “GABB” and its opening line of “Beer bong! Beer bong!”, and the thrash-y battering ram doesn’t let up until the ending track of “Wasted Life.” The vocals are pretty much unintelligible—except for short, shouted choruses, like “Drink, drink, drunk!” on “Triple D”—with the lyrics shouted/snarled at breakneck speed, but the booklet reveals that the words aren’t always nonsense. On “No Control,” Ferro yells to “Live your own life” and “Have your own mind.” The catchy, intricate drums (with what sounds like a double bass pedal) are usually the st

“As their name implies, these guys are chaotic, loud and have some dirty mouths on them. This is the second time I've seen Drunk As Shit, and the last time I saw them, I didn't pay much attention, which was a mistake. Drunk As Shit is as fun as it gets. People were rowdy and unapologetic for these gentlemen. Stage diving and circle pit maneuvers were common by the midpoint of their set. At one point, Ferro (their vocalist), offered up free CDs and a free t-shirt for anyone willing to grab it. The funny thing is that everyone stayed off the stage and waited for him to throw it. No one had the idea to just walk up and take the t-shirt from him. The product placement frothed the audience into a violent frenzy and, as a result, I'm pretty sure the stage was partially cracked on it's maiden performance. These repugnant vagabonds closed the show with a song that I believe was called “I'm gonna fuck a white bitch”, real classy guys.”