D.R. Universal (Da Capt.) / Press

“What's the meaning behind the band's name? D.R.Universal is an acronym that is not short for doctor. It has over 50 different combinations such as: Dark & Raw, Damaging Radios & Deeply Rooted, just to name a few. Universal is also an acronym meaning: Uniting Nations In Verses Explaining Religion Sex And Lies. How did you get started with all this?? I started as part of a group back in Buffalo, NY in the late 90s. After the group broke up and I moved to Charlotte, I started my solo career about 5 years ago. What's the message to transmit with your music?? Positivity, fun and thought provoking, plain and simple. Follow the link for the full interview”

“Everybody in the damn QC needs to download your stuff... let me tell you, Sky Blu is one of the realest tracks out there. Somebody prove me wrong! You won't be able to do it!”

“whats going on cat....ive seen u out at the local shows ive always dig how u keep it funky no matter how the games changin u do you!. Do me a favor and check me out and get at me id love to have you on my next project! Thanks”

“D.R.Universal was Spotlight Artist of the Week at WESTOLETHESHOW.COM for 8/31-9/4”

“D.R.Universal was Featured Artist on CarolinaArtist.net for the month of July 2009”

“I had to give you a standing ovation for the video "Who Do It Like U" f. Gr& Phee! It was dope as hell!”

“D.R.Universal was ARTIST of the Month for August 2008 on www.talkofnc.com”

“D.R.Universal was ARTIST of the Month for September 08 on Uglyradio.net”

“Your story telling reminds me of Slick Rick! Sky Blu is a crazy story!”

DJ Chill (ATL) - Voicemail

“Yo that Bamboozled Mixtape sounds like an industry project. Its HOT!!”

“I rode all the way from Florida to NC playing ur album (Universally Yours..). Its good riding music man!”

"You went in on that Sick N Tired joint! If I was a sucka mc I would be mad"

"This Bamboozled is the best thing I EVER heard from u fam"

“This project (Universally Yours) is a good look for No Question Music..as far as lyrically it is superior to anything I have heard out in a while.”

“Remember way back when hip-hop music was just as concerned with substance as it was with style? DR Universal (www.myspace.com/ tg29) does and his debut album Universally Yours gives listeners a solid sampling of what this Charlotte-via-Buffalo rapper is capable.”