Drumspyder / Press

“The Sound Sigil EP is mid-tempo ethnic dub executed to pyramidal sharpness, served with a side of Mediterranean sun-soaked gypsy flavor, fresh-boiled wobbles and groove-tastically handled percussion that brings the overall sound very close to ethnic drum n’ bass (especially in Spyder Step)...what makes this EP endearing is its holistic consistency of brilliance.”

"The (MEME Festival's) decision to broaden the techno-dominated line-up seemed to pay off with a well received performance by Drumspyder, whose live hand drumming gave a unique quality and dynamic texture to his world-beat-flavoured tracks"

"(Desert Dwellers) Downtemple Dub: Remixed is a smooth and impressive album from start to finish that is the perfect music to relax you, or even to guide you on a world class adventure…Two tracks appear in a big way from the Oakland producer Drumspyder. “Tala Odyssey,” is a groovy bongo bumping cut that will transport the listener’s mind right to the jungles of Africa, while “Bodhi Mandala” will induce immediate relaxation and have them running to the place where this entrancing music is best enjoyed: the yoga mat."

"Musical highlights include … Mediterranean fusion master Drumspyder’s danceable version of “Gobinday,” a beautiful chant by the Kundalini Yoga duo Mirabai Ceiba, flavored with a strong downbeat and flamenco guitar. When you listen to this music, fully expect to move and to be moved."

Katherine Rae - Yoga Journal

“(Mirabai Ceiba - "Gobinday (Drumspyder Remix)" from Kundalini Remix) - "A favorite track on this album, this global-influenced danceable groove has a psychedelic trance feel to it. Drumspyder ignites the whole song with their signature percussion and have woven-in a subtle sensual layer. This is a musical journey exploring a mantra noted for its capacity to break through deep-seated blocks. Mix that with a bhangra dance influence, the pure essence of Mirabai Ceiba, and elements of global patterns and you get magic!"”

"San Francisco based producer/percussionist Scott Sterling has veered into an entirely refreshing direction on his debut. Entrenched in the West Coast circus and bellydance crews, the 14 tracks that comprise Kytheria are spacious and percussively masterful."

“Sterling’s mastery of Middle Eastern rhythms, coupled with a love of modern dub and dance styles have now found their way on to his first solo record, Kytheria, recorded for our buddy Makyo’s always excellent Dakini label. One listen to today’s free download “Serket” makes it apparent why Drumspyder is one of the most in demand Belly dance accompanists in California and why he is one of the more exciting up and comers on today’s global fusion scene.”

"Drumspyder's sublime, rhythmically-driven music inspires the body to movement; he is a musician who plays for dancers. His beats form the ambrosia from which The Nekyia's sensual, atavistic style draws nourishment, and I am deeply grateful for our years of collaboration."