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“I'll admit, i just stumbled upon your music by referral from my friend's post on facebook... DIES IRAE (DAY OF WRATH)...amazing song!”

“I just wanted to let you know... I think Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) is one of the greatest tunes I have ever heard!”

“Hey! I must tell you that I am so impressed with your music! Tonight We Dine?! You know..I could listen to this tune all day! This one is so good! It's DELIGHTFUL!”

“A big thumbs up from me! I'm glad I've found your page on here! I've been enjoying your music for quite some time! I bet you hear this all the time, but I was genuinely amazed when I first heard one of your tunes online called Tonight We Dine!”

“(Jacob's Ladder) Heavy rock song with deep male vocals. Good arrangement and a nicely thought out song. This would definitely fit in with a rock radio station. The instruments were very pleasing, good use of guitar and drums.”

“Thank you, because magic may not be real.. but your songs are truly magical! ...Listened to TONIGHT WE DINE! I'd recommend it to anyone. Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season!”

“Hi! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we (fans) want to play over and over. I wish you a happy halloween!!”

“Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath) "I love this tune so much! It kept me hooked and I kept listening to it on replay. While I'm thankful for your music here, I want to pay for the album on itunes you deserve my money. Im gonna search for it right now. cheers!"”

"Now I'm definitely looking forward to the new songs, Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath) IS A MARVEL."

"I just saw your profile again and I have to say that your music is pure brilliance. The sound, style and originality it came together really well and I really liked it. I really enjoyed it. Thanks."

"The songs capture the virtuosity and all-around epicness of old-school metal to a tee."

“(Tonight We Dine Review) Nice hard drum beat and guitar lead into vocals. The artists vocals coincide with the edginess of the track. This track has a little Ronnie James Dio to it. Instrumental middle of the track gives the listener a chance to catch their breath and head into the second half of the song. Rhythm of the track holds a solid beat all the way to the end. The lead guitar riffs are a nice compliment to what is going on with the rest of the track. All in all it is a pretty awesome track. The song made me want to find out more about this artist and when it ended I was hoping for a new song to begin!”

“(Tonight We Dine Review Part 1) This is a song that is pounding in and showing a spray of notes that are so sharp, forceful, and grinding with a faster tempo. The song has this longer and clear wave of passion that is hitting a swift hard rock sound. That is what I like as the higher streaking guitar solos start to spin and swirl with tons of force. This is the way the song is able to tear in and crash with some more hard slashing and hot melodies. I see the song's lively and also tense nature in the way the chorus flies with authority and a high powered volume. That is why the heavy metal tones are really rushing and ripping to a level that is melodic and slamming with a furious fire in the bridge. This is one of those songs that holds expression and contrasts in its minor chords and drums that have alternating solos. That is why the speeds in the song are so crucial as they cut in and direct one long section of guitar solos... (cont'd)”

“(Tonight We Dine Review Part 2) ...(cont'd) This is why the drums are a very special and isolated pattern that rules the ending measures. The song is able to show off this fancy and flashy tradition of plowing to the ending. It runs with a hard edged and ferocious blend of notes that spike with a messy and hot wash of drum fills. That is how the song to me captures a fun, sharp, and fast blazing melody that is a very rough bleeding and hot heavy metal style. This is one of those songs that I feel throws in a phenomenal strike of sounds and instrumentals. That is why the song is ready to score some higher ratings and find easy success on the radio. The screaming guitars and chromatic scales flood each verse and the bridge with this explosion that is spectacular and long lasting.”

“(Tonight We Dine Review) Head banging song which deserves credit. The backing music makes the blood flow and heart beat faster. This song is a brilliant song with unique lyrics and full blasting vocals!”

“(Tonight We Dine Review) The singers voice comes on, and I can hear him! I can understand his voice. He has a dark, powerful voice, and really puts forth the emotions he wants you to feel. The lyrics are strange, but fit the song very well. The drums and the beat are fantastic! This song slows down at places it needs to make a point. This is by far one of the best slash-rock songs I have heard on here in a long time!”

“(Tonight We Dine Review) The introduction to this song really threw you in at the deep end with a strong mixture of bass, guitars and drums all combining together to create a powerful wall of music. The vocals were strong enough to not be drowned out by the instruments which can often happen in this genre. I also loved the vocalist's voice and though it was really high quality and contained lots of variety. I actually really enjoyed the beat of this song and it created a really catchy rhythm which I loved. The instruments were played fantastically. This song isn't something I would usually listen to but I thought it was fantastic and I can see lots of people I know loving this song and dancing away at a concert. So overall, I thought this song was really high quality and even though it's not my taste. It's a good song!”

“(Dies Irae Review) The instrumental to this track starts very strong. It builds into a very nice, hard rock, metal styled song. The instrumental is all played very professionally, each guitar and drum beat all dancing together in a powerful way. It sounds like great theme or mood music for an anime or action movie. It just screams sword fights. This is very well done. The singer's voice is very well suited to this track. He's got a very nice, metal tone to his voice. The harmonies created are great as well, as are the lyrics.”

“(Dies Irae Review) This track leads the listener in slowly with soft,deliberate electric guitar playing before really flipping the script and lunging in with heavy drums and bass playing. I love the tone of the song and the melody it creates. The track reminds me of early Metallica but that doesn't detract from the overall musicianship that this group displays here. The vocals are delivered in a heavy, funky manner and the lyrics are hard core metal. Nice track overall!”

“(Dies Irae Review) I feel like this was a nice track. The composition indicates a nice quality and the magnetism of the piece is fun; the rhythm's direction is very weighty and plaintive. The intuitive style setup used by this song was pretty creative and the beat is so magnificently thick. I like how the singing and sampling deliver; the followup of the tune is adventurous. It was spirited and startling; conceptually it features mystical, reckless immersion.”

“(Dies Irae Review)This is a song that is just lifting higher with tension and old time sounds that resonate to a loving point. This is a song that is softer and yet so demanding as the notes swirl up slowly to a breaking point. This is music that has a high degree of aggression and turmoil mixed into the melodies. That is why the song is able to rise and race with a fierce blend of chords and drum solos. This is a song that to me drips and shoves back into the hard chopping and emotionally packed hard rock styles. That is why the music is able to just skip and slide around a form that talks about issues and troubles. The music is just slammed and drenched with a force and urgency that is impressive and deep in the vocals. Do I like most of what I hear in this song? Yes”

“(Dies Irae Review) The lead instrument starts off with a blues like lonesome classic rock sound, soulful and serene. Then, as if, all of a sudden, the tiniest droplet of black metal bleeds into the mix. There is intelligence to the musicality of the instrumentation. The vocals are like no one else I have heard before.”

“(Dies Irae Review) This song picks up steam and begins this awesomely metal guitar riff that sounds like it was plucked from the hearts of artists like Dio and Black Sabbath. Everything in this song is rocking from its very awesome guitar tone to its very classic stylized metal vocals. This song just keeps adding more and more depth to it's music. The guitar is solid and the drumbeat is fast and hard paced. I greatly enjoy this song.”

“(Dies Irae Review) This is a very good song. I love the intro to this as well as the drum roll.The electric guitar plays in an aggressive way that makes this sound exciting as well.I think music like this will last a lifetime.This is a perfect example of a perfect song.This is great.The singers vocals are mixed and panned well into this song as well.”

“Dies Irae is an upbeat track with brilliant structure of instruments. Reminds me a lot of Avenged Sevenfold's older stuff when they started out which means you guys have a lot of potential in the future. The vocals are awesome. It has that Dragonforce tone to it, interesting! It's a solid track!”

“Talented guitar players, fantastic drummer, very good vocals. I love this, as for most rock fans should. Anybody interested in the "Big 4", would love this. I could see this band being big someday. Definitely an 8/10.”

"Great page and music! Congrats! All the best!" - Max

“Hey Drake! Great drum sound you have there! I really enjoyed it!”

"AWESOME! I enjoyed your tracks, they are ear-catchy and love the progressive too! Good luck!"

"Man, 'Jacobs Ladder' is an excellent song! Amazing structure, vocals, killer riffs and powerful bass and drums!" ...\m/

"Melodic, powerful, convoluted and Heavy!"

"Good Tunes. Keep on Rocking. "

"Great tracks here!!! "

"Hey this is Matt from Infinition! You've got some killer tracks! We've become fans. Keep up the fantastic work!:"

"Very tasteful stuff! Keep up the good work."

"Wow! ...Someone still plays real metal. Ya'll are brilliant!"

"You got a great sound! Keep up the great work!"

"There is nothing like your great talent! Just great! All I can say is that you are just killer!"

"Heck Yeah! Nice chops man!!! \m/"

"It was a pleasure playing with you at the Night Gallery. You guys were bad ass."

"Finally a legit Metal band! "Tonight We Dine" is sick! Vocals are sick, guitars are shredding, everything is legit! Keep shredding guys!"

"Killer show tonight dudes!!! Hope to rock our next time around!!

"One of the most energetic, bass pounding, snare blasting, metal riffing performances to date...BAR NONE!!!" DJ - Kuhlcher Korner

"Metallica meets Iron Maiden with a little touch of Yngwie."

"The sonic metronome of Drake's drums keeps the band pounding."

"For the true Melodic Metal fan."

“Drake's precision timing and solid performance waylays the audience, and earns him the right to be DRG's backbone of rhythm. ”

"The songs on the DeadRingers Guild MySpace page capture the virtuosity and all-around epicness of old-school metal to a tee."

"DeadRingers Guild from Panama City Beach, FL is a 4 piece Progressive Rock/Metal band on a Crusade to bring to the Front what's missing in METAL!!! "

"DeadRingers Guild’s song WAR PATH has been named a 2009 Finalist in the Hard Rock/Metal Category at the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards."

"Scott's bass precision was tightly backed by ex - Fatal Chaos drummer Drake "The Drakester" who never missed a beat with his impressive snare and cymbal work."

"The band (DRG) appropriately opened for Paul Di’Anno, the original lead singer of Iron Maiden, when he played a Panama City Beach club back in February."

"It's been a good year for the Panama City band Deadringers Guild. After forming just over a year ago, the rock and metal outfit is a finalist in the eighth annual Independent Music Awards for the best Hard Rock/Metal Song, the metal anthem "Warpath." "