“...their new album Contretemps is another quality outing. Graves' original compositions are compelling, with the recording and co-production work of Jean Martin (Tanya Tagaq) finishing things off crisply. An album worthy of attention in awards season.”

“DRUMHAND’s music isn’t really for passive listening. The pan-Ontario group is a kind of percussive fusion, with layers of rhythm and polyrhythm playing off each other. Anyone who is a fan of world music, jazz horns... would find a lot to like here.”

“Percussion, horns and voice make up the soul of the Toronto group’s album, Cheer on the Sun. It's a beautiful blend of Old World and New World, forcing your toes to tap and hands to clap.”

“Together they create a great and joyful noise.”

"The music drives you out of your seat to move."

“They have mingled African and South American drums, percussion with brass, melded vocal accompaniments with that musical core, into a lively pulse... powerful, organic and penetrating...”

“The Travelling Scheme isn't merely marching music for carnal, lascivious festivities, nor is it intended for passive admiration. Although brimming with joy, it has nobler intentions... its multicultural, Zen-like orchestration makes you wish that people's international ideologies could blend as seamlessly and harmoniously as musical cultures do, when in the right hands.”

“The band's eclectic style drew all ages for their concert... had every audience member smiling and toe tapping for the duration of the show.”

Peter May - Goderich Signal Star

“A tough act to follow.”

“As their name suggests... an amalgam of international hand percussion traditions from which the album's many free-flowing displays of harmonious vocal and instrumental touches erupt like spurts of unleashed emotion...a treat for drum lovers out there.”

“ Des trompettes de Jazz et des percussions dans un feu roulant d’énergie: un mélange idéal pour les amateurs de danse! DRUMHAND, groupe de Toronto, s’inspire de musiques venant de partout et utilise des instruments issus de nombreuses traditions à travers le globe.”

Ottawa Jazz Festival

“DRUMHAND amalgamates latin, African and jazz music to create an album that's sure to get anyone on to their feet... the interplay between musicians keeps the album phenomenally interactive.”