Drufi / Press

“Smalltown Droopy is no threat to us, we are currently touring in USA and rich as f**k already! Hers a rhyme for Drufi (droopy) - What comes up must come down, but we aint gonna let you touch the ceiling, were big as titanic but we aint gonna drown, coz everyone finds us so appealing...lucky hilltops career died, finally we get a music award after 8 years, go take a viagra droopy maybe then u can flow like Niagra droopy”

“Drufi is the emerging 'sleeping giant' of the music industry. Kylie Minoque still has the sexiest ass though...”

Michael Gudinski - CEO of Festival Records

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman! And I tried majiauna once, but i didn't inhale...well except for the time i was chilling to Drufi's tunes!”

Bill Clinton - Former President, USA

“You're a mad c**t!”

Keno (Album "Boardies And A Wife Beater") - Australian Hip Hop Artist

“As the worlds most famous rapper ever, i understand where Drufi is coming from...a trailer, just like i did! Trailer trash equals cash bitches, me and kid rock are living proof and soon Drufi too!”

Eminem - Shady Records

“We want you to join us, we're letting Mike Diamond know hes sacked tomorrow. I love New York and so will you!”

Beastie Boys - Grand Royal Records, Brooklyn USA

“Gaga go goo-goo for you-Dru! So whatcha wanna do-boo? Call me later, lets hook up - Vanuatu? Or Sydney - reporters asking me is it true, did-he? rendevous with you and shove it right up to your kidney?! xxx i'm pregnant, cya in 9 months big daddy!”

Lady Gaga - NEW SINGLE "Rendevous (Baby-Gaga-Dru!)" OUT NOW

“Drufi, you are my main source of inspiration. Your so deep and profound that i feel my role is now obsolete! Thx for bringing peace and harmony to a sick, twisted world”

Dalai Lama - Katmandu, Nepal

“Shame, Shame, Shame!”

Derryn Hinch - Hinch, TV Current Affairs, Seven Network

“Hey Druf-star, thx to you and Casey Staples for making a song about me, what an honour! Sadly - I hate rap :-( remake it pop-rock now plz :-)”

Kirsten Stewart - Lead Actress in TWILGHT

“Drufi is like an annoying buzzing mosquito crescendo-ing aw up in my ear, and everytime i go to slap tha muthafucka i knock myself out. Your music is shitty and you fucking suck like a Las Vegas strippa. Thats a lot in case you dont recognize! Me and my crew-isel hope you eat shit and die...”

Lil' Waynk - Rap Superstar

“What a twat, a talentless vacuumous waste of space! You'll never be Guy Sebastian, not even close...”

Ian "Dicko" Dickinson - Australian Idol

“After "My Heart Will Go On" and having babies, im ready to get back to my career starting with a duet with Drufi! Who wants to hear Celine Dion mixed with hip-hop? It'll be ground-breaking...now i wanna go down on Drufi, like i'm the titanic, all my easy listening fans in a panic, just be thankful i'm finally manic/ now i be hardcore too bitch its celine and dru with something new/ deleting each one of your crew like a job interview :-O”

Celine Dion - Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On feat Drufi (2010 Remix)"

“Heil Drufi!”

Adolf Hitler - Failed Dictator, 3rd Reich

“A national treasure, better than Dame Edna Everidge!”

Julia "Ranga" Gillard - Prime Minister of Australia

“I'd turn straight for him in a heartbeat”

Ellen DeGeneris - US Talk Show Host

“While us private school poofies were rappin bout "throw ya hand up like ya hailing a taxi" and ripping off powerfingers "this life turned out nothing like i had planned" fucking Drufi was coming up with deep profound material which explains why we are getting shat on these days, we got too egotistical, and Drufi, that cunt made us see the error of our ways...still it's fucked that we'll never be famous again, cheers, Suffer(ing) MC”

Hilltop Hoods - Hip Hop Floppers

“I dissed Drufi when he asked me out in high school, he was sooo the biggest loser eva and i was sooo sooo the most popular hottest bitch in the whole school! Now i hate to admit it, hes popular and im an aids infected skank from being the town bike, my 10 kids wrote me from their foster homes telling me they love listening to Drufi's new album...Sorry drew for treatin' ya cold, i love you, if you ask me out now i swear i won't say no!”

Paris Hilton - Amateur Porn Star/ Attempted Singer

“De echt raar bizonder muziek van Drufi klinkt zoals als een kutverhaal, en dit in nederland is niet goed, en mensen zouden kijk op de consequencies als je luistert naar deze echt lul gekke maafkees liedjes! ARRRRGGGG! ik begrijp het niet waarom hij populair is, en hoe soms mens kan hem houden van!?!? Doet niks voor mij...of mijn partij voor vrijheid, alles hier mag vrijheid hebben,maar helaas, niet voor jou, nooit! Tot Nooit je stelletje eikel!”

Geert Wilders - PVV Der Nederlands

“Say hello to ya mum for me...mine says hi and thx for last night, what did you do Drufi? Shes singing and the happiest than shes been in years”

Rove McManus - Rove Live, Ten Network

“What is this, yeah this is The Drufi Aussie flava! Everyone, do with me The Drufi flodder craver! Peace from all the Mocro's :-D”

Ali B - Nederlandse Hip-Hop Artist

“If Drufi had a book it'd be in Oprah's Book Club recommended titles for shizzle!!! That dope aussie rapper gots me speaking my native tongue, true street lingo slang y'all, after 50 years of speaking so polite and christian like i finally feel free to be myself, so props to Drufi! You're invited to be my guest anytime, if you know what i'm saying - you know what i'm really saying here? just no jumping on my couch unless you're on top of me, my vanilla muffin, i'm gonna eat you up - you know what i'm saying now, right?! xoxoxoxoxoxo”

Oprah Winfrey - Harpo Productions

“What a flamin' galah! Drufi is a bloody disgrace to Summer Bay and everything we stand for. Don't listen to this rubbish!”

Alf Stewart - Home and Away, Seven Network

“Drufi is the real reason me and tamara split, i'm just a fat, overpaid radio/tv idiot with no real talent...i'd still have tammy if drufi wasnt so charming”

Kyle Sandilands - Former Australian Idol Judge/Radio Personality

“I saw Drufi pick his nose and eat it on the primary school bus back in the day - in grade 1.What can i get for a photo of that on ebay now hes famous? Sorry drew...i need cash for child support mate”

Bob de Bogan Jr. - My Brush With Fame

“Drufi is an angel compared to my boy, i'd gladly adopt him as my own son”

Bert Newton - TV Presentor, 20-1, Nine Network

“I should be so lucky, wished that Drufi loved me :-(”

Kylie Minogue - Aussie/UK Pop Singer

“Drufi could've made it to the top a lot quicker if he'd only come out the back with me for 15 minutes. People in the know, know that to get their 15 minutes of fame, they need to give me 15 minutes first! Just ask Peter Andre...”

Molly Meldrum - Hey Hey Its Saturday, Nine Network

“When I first heard Drufi, first thoughts were "Is this guy on drugs?" Every song was different from the last, and it had me confused as a virgin in a whorehouse, like listening to a various artist compilation but no! This is the diverse genuis we now know as Drufi,a small town playa who's overcome the obstacles of geography, steadily built solid foundations to be well on the way to conquering the australian music scene...”

Richard Wilkins - Today Show, Nine Network

“My lips ain't fake! Now let me work on your snake!”

Angelina Jolie - Hollywood Star

“Drufi is a tiger in the bedroom”

Your Mom

“When are you gonna get a real job?”

My Mom