Drop Switch / Press

“Drop Switch continues to impress with its increasingly distinct blend of hip-hop, funk and neo-soul. "One Time" combines Emma Wallingford's infectious voice with the peppy lyrics of MC Logistixx. As usual, the band provides a musical foundation in which the two vocalists can operate, but more than that, the musicians pay close attention to the idiosyncrasies of the vocalists and each other for an absolutely together and well-balanced composition.”

“The show really began with local fusion band Drop Switch. The energy difference between them and the Troll Pack was simply staggering. Singer Emma Wallingford and MC Logistixx complement each other extremely well and each have the chops to front a similar group by themselves. But the group really shines because they are just that -- a group, and no single person is elevated above the product. Still, you can't say enough about the drummer Colin Mcnellis. He knows when to get flashy. He knows when to blend in. He really understands the songs well enough to do the little things and make them even better.Next was Chuck Inglish, who performed alongside DJ Wreckineyez. Chuck definitely held it down but there was a noticeable drop in energy from Drop Switch; a live band would have definitely helped him.”

“This solid six-piece is representing Denver in a smooth and sophisticated way that will soon be turning heads.”

Helping Hands

“Asher Roth brought the kind of tenacity and stage presence that the crowd had been waiting for. His interactions with the crowd were well received, as he directed girls to jump on stage, challenged a pair to a sing-along contest, and even had a chance to do a bit of crowd surfing. He saved his wildly popular "I love college" song for last and followed with an encore. Local group Drop Switch killed it as well with a lot of energy and passion that was clearly heard through their eclectic blend of instrumentation and vocals. Other bands delivering great performances during the night were Kruza Kid, Dirty Dirty Troll Pack, Chuck Inglish, and Kids These Days - who completely filled the stage with their ensemble - complete with trombone and trumpets. Come inside the gallery and find your pics! || Photos: Brent Andeck”

“In most of Drop Switch's music, the actual lyrics of Logistixx and singer Emma Wallingford take a back seat to the instrumentation of the group and the musicality of Wallingford's voice, but not in this case of "War In My Heart." When we first listened to this passage, the sound of the music was literally overtaken by the buzzing hubbub of a fictional city in our mind. This effect is punctuated by Logistixx's stop-and-go flow which perfectly mimics the mood of time-lapsed traffic or, perhaps, recollecting a day spent watching the bustle of the city from above. Logistixx says that painting a picture was the intention here: "It's like a ride: ups and down and all around. Look at the sky. You feel me now. My body shaking, I sit down and I wait for the sound of your voice but instead you're not around. I'm only hearing the sound of the city and the town. I'm kinda lost. I'm going off in this rain while im sittin in this cloud. I gotta say, what a day. It's kind of insane; I found a”

“The crowd was eager for the finale and Drop Switch most definitely did not disappoint. Drop Switch is an incredible group of 7 young, up and coming artists who came out and topped the already amazing night off with music that combined a little of everything catering to the diverse crowd.”