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“Dropa is an electro-pop/indietronic band from Portland, Oregon. In 2009 they dropped their debut A Well Orchestrated Plan and followed that up last summer with a wickedly awesome video for their song, "Feeling Hope." "Feeling Hope" will be on the band's second full length cd Glass House which is available now via bandcamp and drops officially on February 3rd. If you're into bands like M83, Depeche Mode, or even Radiohead, you'll probably dig this. I really like the whole record, but the first song, "The Special," is the one I find I love the most. Check out a full stream of Glass House by Dropa below:”

“Just like they call themselves, Dropa, the music is out of this world. Energetic but calm, brutal and soft at the same time, simply amazing. When you push the play button, the haunting, techno sound gets into your brain. Dropa has played many shows here in Portland Oregon the past few years including Doug Fir, Crystal Ballroom, Someday and others...Link FM featured two tracks off their debut album "A Well Orchestrated Plan" released in 2009 and Dropa has just released their second album "Glass House." This sophomore album moves toward a more directed musical approach, bringing a different element of musical style and feel. Dropa's webpage is: http://www.reverbnation.com/dropa”

“Fellow Portlanders Dropa have been making chill waves in the electronica scene in town for awhile, and have released two albums evoking everyone from Gary Numan and David Bowie to OMD and Metronomy (check out Dropa’s single “Sunkissed” for starters at dropa.bandcamp.com).”

“With the ever-increasing role of laptops involved with music, there can be a hard time translating the very precise and planned digital world to the organic landscape of a live performance. Where other bands of a similar ilk fall flat leaving the audience feeling like they watched a 45-minute karaoke set, Dropa handles this task with ease. The duo creates haunting synth-laden landscapes, complete with heavy drums and beats leading the way.”

“Did we skip spring altogether? I'm guessing you're okay with the summertime weather we've been having, and Dropa has a summertime jam for us now, too. The title "Sunkissed" pretty much says it all, but this is a lightheaded, warming track with some lovely synth tones and an enveloping chorus. This beautiful track is a preview from Dropa's upcoming double album The Hours Till Daylight, the songs for which are based on an indie film that Dropa's Micah Tamblyn was writing the soundtrack for.”

“Micah Tamblyn is the main man behind Dropa, which releases its second album, Glass House, tonight. An impressive self-recorded and released effort, Glass House is a big, broad, stadium-sized record colored with dark synths, moody melodies, and gigantic drums from Matthew Higgins. There's a blackly glammy sound running through Dropa's electrorock, which finds direct inspiration in the early '80s English sounds of Factory Records, Depeche Mode, and Soft Cell—although warmer moments abound on Glass House as well, as on the acoustic strums that bed "Release" and the layered backing vocals on the dreamily stargazing "Feeling Hope." Still, Dropa are capable of achieving a massive scope with their music, and allowing the melodies to shine through all the flashy production trappings—plus, if you've been jonesing for some gated reverb, now you know where to turn.”

“[OUTSIDER ELECTRO-POP] Portland has a thriving electronic music scene, but neither of tonight\'s headlining acts—the Sexbots and Dropa, both of whom release albums tonight—are names one hears on the shortlist of go-to electronic dance acts. Maybe that\'s because the Sexbots and Dropa play with pop structures and outsider lyrical themes. Dropa\'s Micah Tamblyn and Matthew Higgins write similarly pronounced—but altogether more psychedelic—dance tracks about contemporary society on Glass House, and the duo\'s worldview reminds of guys like Trent Reznor and Thom Yorke. What unites the two groups is that they\'re keeping it real—and real direct—rather than keeping it weird. That commitment to clarity may actually be holding them back a bit, but those who like hearing the words while they dance will appreciate the groups\' efforts.”

“If Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode had a son together, surely this guys will be their babies. Obviously that as he grows up, he will be getting other influences we can appreciate and recall such as Sigur Ros, Manitoba, Stereo Labs, Interpol and many other great acts that defines their uncommon genre. Glass House is a great example of all the stated above. And just like they call themselves, Dropa, the music is out of this world. Energetic but calm, brutal and soft at the same time, simply amazing. It’s like when you push the play button, the haunting, techno sound gets into your brain and without you know it, manipulate it and even against your will, makes you wanna hear more and fall in love. “The Special” and “Release” to name just two, captures perfectly the before mentioned essence. Both get you dancing, headbanging, singing along and causing your neighbors call the police, which lucky yourself they will not be able to arrest you as immediately the music gets inside thei”

“If you’ve ever wanted to see members of ‘N Sync get beaten up, Portland’s indie-tronic band Dropa has taken care of that. In Micah Tamblyn, Matthew Higgins and Keith Watson’s Jon Garcia-directed music video for breezy tune “Feeling Hope,” the popsters (in puppet form, of course) start out their day on the beach with their princess (who looks nothing like Britney Spears, by the way). However, a few pirates decide to crash the party and steals the lady. With a damsel in distress, this yields a fury of revenge that entails dance offs, an erotic training montage and ultimately, a bloodbath finale. Who knew puppets (pirates or boy bands) could be such cold-blooded killers?”

“In his room The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson famously escaped to his room — in song as well as in life – to insulate himself from what was outside. Some musicians, however, choose to barricade themselves temporarily because they’re gearing up to battle corporate control of the masses. Portland’s Micah Tamblyn has done just this through his electronica project Dropa. On his the-future-is-now-and-we’re-screwed CD “A Well Orchestrated Plan,” Tamblyn aims squarely at the New World Order, using his laptop-driven topical style to figure out why we’re all being manipulated into the apocalypse. You know, the typical pop writer’s preoccupations. Live, he plays it all on a keytar (a lightweight keyboard strapped around a performer’s shoulders) and has a band to boot, so you can get download, so to speak.”

“Great recordings don’t necessarily translate into crowd-pleasing stage performances without significant adaptation, and most regular concertgoers (at least those interested in technologically tolerant genres) have experienced disappointingly karaoke-like performances from artists who relied too much on pre-recorded backing tracks. Over the last two years, Portland’s Micah Tamblyn has been experimenting, writing, recording, and meticulously polishing a moody, electro-influenced brand of indytronica under the Dropa moniker. Singlehandedly employing a mix of organic and digital instrumentation, Tamblyn has relied primarily on home computer based technologies to record and compose his musical vision, last october releasing a 13 track album entitled A Well Orchestrated Plan for free online download.”