MooK / Press

“god damn son, your new track goes fuckin hard!!”

Wiggidy Whack Wanksta - White Boys Rap Magazine

"The demo wasn't all too bad to listen to, my ears stayed intact but bled a little from time to time. Nothing too serious though, good job for the most part, enjoyed listening to you ramble on about how great you are in such a particularly crazy way lol. Keep them songs coming, I like downloading them to show off to friends around town."


“this dude, i swear he's got more heart into this music business than anyone i know. since middle school all he ever did was create wacky songs for us to listen to, and i guess i can say now with this 2012 demo thing he put out, i may think he's become a rapper around the 419 area. granted he has no shows schedules or anything like that, but his songs are really good and got a lot of shit behind it. he's pretty good at what he does.”

William Smith

“Yeah, I was there when Dr. MooK was created. That kid is stupid as shit, but can rap pretty good. Heard he sucks at picking girls up though.”

Tom Crampton - U.S. Army

“It's times like these that I wish I were gay, cause MooK is one hot looking stud on planet earth.”

Random Korean Fag - Streets of Itaewon

“Im simply taking the hip hop you use to love; but was drowned out by the new age faget rap, nd bringing that shit back on the map. I grew up to this kind of music, nd so I intend to grow old with this style of hip hop.”

Dr. MooK da Sues - RingLeader Jones

“This douche bag is a fake, some crappy half ass skilled "rapper" who thinks he'll make it but never the less become the laughing stock of hip hop. You all are better off cutting your ears off and sowing them to your assholes cause that's what he sounds like...asshole music.”

My Competition - Hater Magazines

"It's definently something not heard before, the style of story telling this kids doin isnt something you can repeat. With great beats to back the flow of revelance up, it's surely gonna get big soon"

Troy Broadway - RingLeader Jones