Dr Lynn Schriner / Press

“You (Lynn Schriner) have had an impressive body of work on behalf of the underprivileged and orphaned, It sounds like you have had a very rough life and yet you didn't let it stop you and as a result lives have been saved. You give what you have to give and it has worked. This" Music for orphans" has brought water for the dying and hope to the hurting. Impressive”

Judith Piazza - American Perspective Radio

“Her music reflects her pain, but it also soars with hope and that's what makes her so compelling to listen to and to watch. "Amazed" captures the very pure and genuine sound that grabs the listener right from the get go. I've never heard an artist so skillfully combine so many genera's into one unique sound. The song that stuck with me most was "Dance" and "Here I am". This CD is impressive and diversified. There is an undeniable passion beneath all this that is even bigger than the music itself. Schriner is an impressive activist and humanitarian besides being a capable songwriter and vocalist. It's obvious that her primary goal as an artist is to make the world a better place one song at a time. If that sounds corny, so be it. This CD spoke to me personally and inspired me on so many levels. We need more people in this world like Lynn Schriner.”

Mindy McCall - Skope /Indie Review

“Congratulations to LYNN SCHRINER who is 2013 FOLK ARTIST OF THE YEAR from the Independent Country Music Association,”

“River High is beautiful, very moving. Your voice could be the best I've ever heard”

The Havenites - Reverbnation

“Listen to Dance. REALLY LISTEN TO IT! Her vocals will thrill you. The song is deep water.”

Artist Review

“River High reminds me of John Lennon. Moody and melodic”

Don Johnson - TMG

“Your song is amazing (Countin on you)”

DJ Crazy Blazen Wolf - Sound country Radio

“Incredible voice. Genuine and honest and lyrics that are spellbinding. Really more people need to hear you!”

Joshua Scott - Reverbnation

“Spectacular work”

Enoch. Arcane - Reverbnation

“I am so loving all your songs Lynn. Your voice is Amazing!”

Terri Mcphail Chiasson - Reverbnation

“I am a grown man and I cried when I heard River High and Dance. I rocked out to One Act Of Kindness. The Final moment of the CD ride "Amazed" stunned me to silence. You are definitely doing what you are meant to do. Move people! Mike D. Denver”

Mike D - Reverbnation

“Lynn's profoundly expressive voice soars through each track, her songs speak with an elequence that is at once personal and universal..these songs are for everyone”

Victoria Woodworth - Review

“I enjoyed Dance very much...very moving. ”

Keith Morgan - Reverbnation