Driving Wheel / Press

“Area trio Driving Wheel unites blistering blues and blue-collar Southern rock in a sound that’s gritty, gutsy and compelling.”

"...Driving Wheel has achieved a blistering sound built around tough, melodic guitar licks, grinding grooves and vocals that come from somewhere deep in the gut. Its music contains echoes of long-gone blues masters while finding room for a more modern musical language. Songs can go from a whimper to a roar in a heartbeat...."

"Area act Driving Wheel has made a name for itself around Mid-Missouri with insistent, blues-fueled rock ‘n’ roll. The band has played the Roots N Blues N BBQ festival and other high-profile gigs."

“With roots in Kansas City, Jefferson City and Columbia, Driving Wheel plays a bluesy mixture of jam band and rock.”

“There is this up and coming band named Driving Wheel. The band’s sound is all over the place, but if you’re into that bluesy, rootsy sound you’ll really like these guys....Driving Wheel is definitely a band I look forward to hearing from in the future. ”

“The music of Missouri roots rock band Driving Wheel is pretty fickle. Sometimes blues-y, sometimes hard rock 'n' roll and other times even psychedelic, its sound sure won't be repetitive. See what they bring to the stage when they perform...”