Drive-By Truckers / Press

“Drive-By Truckers are intelligent in a way that I really appreciate as a writer. They're just guys being smart in their own space: guitars and drums and big choruses. It's been done before, but they do it well. I've been playing Brighter Than Creation's Dark a lot. ”

“DBT remains proudly uncompromising. "They stick to their guns on everything, which is something I respect and love," mngr Kevin Morris says."That said, I think they want to sell records just as much as anyone else, and they want to play bigger rooms, and with this record that will naturally happen."”

"Sometimes the thing that first gives you that leg up is the foot that ends up kicking you in the nuts." - Patterson

"It feels great," Hood said. "I'm really, really, really thrilled for Booker. Of course, it's good for us, too, since we were definitely heavily involved with the record. Just getting to work with Booker was winning an award."

“Cooley:“Once you get to that bridge, sometimes it's a lot longer and shakier and sometimes made out of rope. But you've got to get across it. And once you do — once you achieve tolerance — you can get back to all of the respect and chemistry and natural things that make it happen in the first”

"The Secret to a Happy Ending" doesn't strictly obey the rules of the very genre it belongs to. Made by an unabashed fan, what it might lack in hard-nosed inquiry it makes up in conveying the ardor and near messianic belief that have made Drive-By Truckers a cult sensation.

“For most other bands to write such a universal song, it would have to be about heartbreak or fucking, but not the Truckers—they can capture the shitty, soul crushing suffocation and entrapment of underemployment and make you dance at the same time.”