Drive A / Press

“Catchy, powerful and fun - leaves little to be desired when talking about what makes a punk band great”

Sonic Dissonance

“New comers Drive A’s debut album, Loss Of Desire has a feel and sound of an album seasoned veterans would put out, not something from four teenagers”

San Diego Punk

“The best part about Drive A is, despite their age, have killer rock and roll music - an older rock vibe mixed with a newer edgier sound like The Bronx”

San Diego Punk

“They blend New York styled riff/punk rock with Cali-punk energy. They will remind you of D Generation, The Ramones and Wildhearts”

RockNRoll Universe

“They have a good mix of sound where they can easily fit in with a variety on stage; from metal to punk to rock”

Flocked Media

“Drive A has a profound way of mixing up their sound, crossing the tracks of punk/rock/alternative and other rock ingredients to make a sound all their own”

Frantik Magazine

“Holding nothing back, Drive A’s Loss Of Desire is a pumped up, adrenaline infused record with big attitude and big sound”

Frantik Magazine

“On this release {Drive A} mixes modern rock with elements of old school punk and the results are catchy and filled with energy”


“It’s hard to pin down exactly who Drive A bases their melodic round sound on, as elements of 80s sleaze (a la Guns N’ Roses) and 90s pop punk (a la Green Day) are prominently displayed throughout their full length debut”

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