Drinking Mercury / Press

“They play music because they like it, and because they have to. Even though it's not a record full of big choruses and pop hooks, Orcades is a grower with some truly fantastic tunes on it. Well worth checking out.”

"Funky and brooding, with a divinely tripped-out retro 60’s dreamy psychedelic experimental vibe to it, this album delivers one hell of a potently moody sonic buzz. The trebly vocals are suitably haunted and intense, the arrangements heady, yet still melodic and captivating, the lyrics compelling in their abstract weirdness, and the mercurial nature of the alternately gradual or snappy tempos and hard-charging or clip-clopping beats keep listeners on their toes throughout. Moreover, this music possess a genuinely hypnotic quality that’s mighty impossible to either resist or dislike. A very groovy blast of an album."

“The vocals are absolutely amazing and all the musicians are extremely talented at what they do. The dynamics are complicated and beautiful, and it's just awesome.”

“They are infectious and instantly recognizable.”