Driftwood / Press

“What's best about Driftwood is how the group communicates to a variety of demographics, beating down stereotypes and proving that good music is just good music."”

“Driftwood is a serious force on the Upstate NY music scene. Wrapping together all manner of musics that fall under the "Americana" blanket, combining "holy smokes, didja see that?" instrumentalism with "holy smokes, didja hear that?" lyrics, they're a fast-rising force to be reckoned with!”

Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance

“Driftwood is a band with a multi-talented blend of musicians who bring traditional American roots music to a whole new level, creating a truly unique sound by blending old time folk with modern and world music.”

Kayla MacLachlan - Upstate Live Music Guide

“This is a fantastic discovery, There is something great here”

–Record Producer Eric Paul- Willie Nelson, Towns VanZandt, Emmylou Harris, etc