Dr. Harlan's Amazing Bluegrass Tonic / Press

““February’s concert at the Buck Recreation Center was the first Bluegrass concert we’ve offered, and Dr. Harlan’s Amazing Bluegrass Tonic did not disappoint! The band attracted a record number of concert goers and the crowd went wild with joy as the band grabbed them and didn’t let go. The variety of Bluegrass styles was impressive and the syncopated rhythm of Eric’s (the banjo player) composition had the crowd on its feet. The energy was wonderful. The music was inspired. And the band’s obvious respect and admiration for each other were obvious and appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Harlan’s, for a wonderful event!” ”

Debbie Zwibecker, Culture and Enrichment Coordinator - Buck Recreation Center

“Many times when I leave after a show I am thinking, “Wow, that might have been the best show I have been to.” Last night there was no doubt. That WAS the best show I have been to! I laughed…I cried...I learned….I enjoyed….I shared. ”

Mike - concert attendee

"You guys are impressive! A great combination of strong vocalists and dynamic instrumentalists. The inclusion of the word "amazing" in your band's name is perfectly appropriate...It was the only Grass at the Grange show that we sold out this year."

Doris Gray - President, Colorado Bluegrass Music Society

"Dr. Harlan's Amazing Bluegrass Tonic is one of the best bluegrass bands playing in Colorado right now. Their instrumentation is phenomenal, but what I believe truly sets them apart is their beautiful songwriting and tight vocal harmonies. Many of our loyal house concert attendees have told me that Dr. Harlan's show is the best one they have seen as part of our series. Everyone left the show that night feeling inspired and energized by Dr. Harlan's great performance. We are anxiously waiting until we can see this band play again!"

Rachel & Brian Peterson - Five Strings House Concerts

“As the talent buyer for the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society’s Grass at the Grange concert series, I am always looking for bands that represent the best of the Colorado bluegrass music scene, and that can draw a crowd. Dr. Harlan’s Amazing Bluegrass Tonic delivered on both accounts beyond my highest expectations. Musically, DHABT has exceptional harmony and lead singing and solid picking. Their song selection is thoughtful and wide-ranging, and their stage presence is as good as any bluegrass band in the state. In short, they delighted the audience for their entire performance...We’ll be bringing them back for another show soon!”

-David Okay Patton - Grass at the Grange Concert Series -Colorado Bluegrass Music Society