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"As the Crow Flies" 2012 Rock Artist Winner Malibu Music Awards!

Terrence Davis

“Check out our Great "EP" review on IMR magazine.com!”

IMR Magazine.com

“July 1st interview with Drew Zollo at warpedmag.com”


“As the Crow Flies Drew Zollo will be one of the panelists for the Interfusion music summit in october!”

Interfusion Music Summit

“Featured Artist of the week! 6/1/2012 Will be placed in thier archives as a permenant link! Thank you muzikreviews.com....”

“Thank You Sound Source Studios,Oceanside,Ca.! Bort Schrader,Producer/Engineer”

As the Crow flies

“Rock 105.3 San Diego played "House of Mercury" featured on Loud n Local show with Missi,check it out every Sunday night from 9pm to 11pm”

Rock 105.3 San Diego

“As the Crow flies WON featured track of the week contest at muzzikreviews.com”