Drew Nelson / Press

"Power and Poetic Storytelling" - "Highly Recommended!"

sing out magazine

“Dusty Road is easily the best folk/Americana/country to cross my desk in ages, likely years to be honest.”


"...Drew's characters are anything but defeated. They are dazed, angry, amazed and climbing." -

John Gorka - Red House Records recording artist

“Dusty Road is easily the best folk/Americana/country to cross my desk in ages”

CALVIN DANIELS - Yorkton This Week

"Drew Nelson powerfully evokes the ghosts of America's recent and distant past ... his lyrical story telling and virtuoso guitar picking keeps the audience under his spell 'til long after the show has ended...."

Paul Spencer/Promoter - The Maverick Festival, UK

“If Americana was a person, it would probably look and sound like Nelson”

Leith Folk Club - Scotland

“it doesn't happen often that I put in a cd the first day I receive it, much less that I absolutely love it on first listen. This cd will be a regular in the upcoming Acoustic Harmony playlists for the foreseeable future”

“I am such a fan of Drew he's the best I've heard since James McMurtry, perfect writing, great songs and a voice thats stops the pain ”

“What a fantastic album this is! I was expecting something enjoyable after Immigrant Son, but I was really blown away by the consistent strength of this record.”

“Drew just can’t fail to engage your senses, and this really is a rather special record, a highly evocative yet admirably subtle mini-epic of modern-day Americana.”

“‘The Dusty Road…’ is enjoyable & evocative of a timeless America, but with very modern concerns.”

“He wasn't afraid to get dramatic, or poignant, or funny, or political, or loud, when necessary in a CD-release show that was as impressive as any I've seen for a West Michigan artist. ”

"Drew is a Michigan Guy Clark for his generation".

“Move over Bob Seger, Michigan has a new voice, and it’s a little bit deeper. So is the material.”

“Intense but yet relaxed intimate style, he really connects, Ive fallen in love with Grand Mother Moon”

“When you hear Drew Nelson sing and play you are hearing a real live son of Michigan, sandy soil, tough winters, good fishing, no BS."”

Peter Mulvey

"Serious and thoughtful, and definitely cliche free"

-Wisperin' and Hollerin' UK

“Drew's songs have a dusty eloquence and a rural blue collar sensibility" ”

- Americana UK

"Dusty Road to Beulah Land" Welcome to the first great Americana album of 2009.

John Sinkevics - The Grand Rapids Press

"One of the best of the newer performers I've seen... a natural as they say."

-Claudia Schmidt (Recording Artist)