Drew J. Howard / Press

“Great music, Drew!! I really enjoyed my listen”

Ron Pacheco Jr - Reverbnation

“Hi Drew, great compositions and lovely tones!”

Dave Lynn-devere - Reverbnation

“This is some local Wichita Talent, Drew J. Howard. I'm thinking "movie sound track."”

“FUNKY just the way I like it!”

James Ferris - Reverbnation

“I love your songs. great style.”

Michael Yancy - Reverbnation

“If I could have just one wish, it would be to wake up to your songs in the morning.”

“I can get lost in your sound, good stuff. ”

“Funk it up and Rock on dude!!”

“I can get lost in your sound, good stuff. ”

“Terrific tracks…terrific sound….”

Pat Branch - Reverbnation

"Ground Rumbling,ThunderHorse!" indeed, brother! Horns up for the low end!

4StringKing™ - Reverbnation

“Funk You I'll kick your ass Rocks! Keep holding down that low end bass Warrior!”

Steve"Dedbass" Northam - Reverbnation

“Great compositions, excellent playing. It's really cool to see a Bass player at the #1 spot on the charts.”

Tony CC - Reverbnation