Drew Black and Dirty Electric / Press

"Drew Black and Dirty Electric is a Kansas City four-piece that takes glam rock to a very dark and edgy place - and yet it’s a sound that’s loaded with hooks and easy to dance to as well."

"Frontman Drew Black provided both eponymous dirty guitar and a vocal warble that recalled The Dead Kennedy's Jello Biafra or, when pushed further, the flutter of John Darnielle of Mountain Goats."

“I’d liken the tonal character and energy of Drew Black and Dirty Electric to something like a Black Keys and Sonic Youth cocktail, shaken and with a sprinkle of black gun powder on top. Tasty stuff, but you might need a napkin cuz it’s... dirty.”

"...a dirty, infectious bounce in their step, the lyrical ironies favored by the frontman adding extra depth to their focused 4-piece rock sound and head-bobbing, hip-swaying catalog."

"...let's just call Dead Kings & Queens what it really is: a record that has no reason to exist."