Drew Bello/Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer / Press

“Drew's song "Lizards" takes you on a journey in your youth remembering hot summer days, warm summer nights, ocean side beaches, and young lovers spending the night together and drinking champagne.”

Bill Jefferys - Music Insider

“When Drew plays guitar there's a magic electricity that lights up the stage! He's got the speed to rev it up and the sweet touch to make it cry. He owns the guitar!”

Bill Jeffreys - Music Insider

“Drew writes in depth songs with great melodies that move and captivate his audiences!”

Scott Harlin - Golden Sound Studios

"Same As It Ever Was" is your straight forward snot knocking Rock n Roll song! With lyrics like " I see the new cars, the limousines, I'll be the best thing you've ever seen" this song is hard hitting Rock!

David Fenner - Galveston Islander

“SLEEP is a "Masterpiece"! This song is a timeless classic and is heart felt and moving. It's a song in which the listener can relate to...I see this song as one that would be an all time great!”

David Fenner - Galveston Islander