Dregs One / Press

“DREGS ONE: this cat is a hard worker putting out project after project & the group he is a part of GAS MASK COLONY are all beasts on the mic!! DREGS ONE'S newest release "the wake up call mixtape" is one of the most uplifting, thought provoking and real pieces of work i've heard to date.”

“Quality Hip-Hop such as this always gets love here. Dregs and Patience is that sound we all hunger for. Lets hope we get blessed with more soon.”

“This is a solid album made by Dregs1, and I think the Bay Area needs more artists like this. This album sounds like thought and effort has been put into it, and it discusses important issues that go on in our communities and everyday lives. Not only is this an enjoyable album to listen to, but it is also motivating. It is time to make a change about issues in our communities, in our relationships, education, government, and in our lives. For those who like good Hip Hop music and those who are new listeners, it's time to WAKE UP!”

“I got a tweet from this dude named Dregs One today and he wanted me to put up his mixtape. Usually those tweets are from some people that just recorded with their chat mic on garageband and it sounds like garbage, but not this time. Dregs One actually has a pretty sick flow and I would play his music on the daily. So check out his new mixtape ” The Wake Up Call”.”

“Dregs One and Equipto's Generation Gap (Pocketwatch Productions/Solidarity Records), which is number three this week at Amoeba, may be billed as a mixtape but it looks and sounds like a regular CD release since it comes in a shrink wrapped jewel case with original artwork & photography and 16 tight ass tracks featuring many cameos and contributions.”

“A few years ago Dregs One, a San Francisco-based hip hop artist and community activist, received a wake up call when he traveled south to Riverside, Calif. to study and began to learn something about the political context of many of today's social issues. Motivated to make a contribution, he returned home to San Francisco and became active in his community, getting involved with a local community center in the Mission District and using his music to talk about the issues people face. He started a monthly video series called The Wake Up Report and in January issued an episode on food.”