Dreamboat Armada / Press

“These guys are the whole package, talent, sex appeal, great songs, sing-a-longs and the audible punch to back up their shenanigans. Described as Rock / Post Apocalyptic / Vaudeville, the boys a versatile enough to swap out instruments or pick up another. Consisting of Belvedere Morton - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Bill Rose - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Piano' Steve Dunn - Keyboards, Piano, Synthesized Bass, Vocals, Ricky Wise Drums, Vocals, these guys are the epitome of a good time band, and finally, our Band of the Month.”

“I met this band several years ago, and have loved them and their music ever since. Their honest representation, the uplifting swing beat, and the heart that is put into every note of their stage show, is refreshing. Each song has a similar flavor with many variations, like your favorite restaurant. Dreamboat Armada is serving up a musical buffet. Originating from Howard County, their “Vaudevillian Flair” is at home on the many stages in Charm City.”

“This is definitely a live band who channels all of the legendary greats like Zeppelin, Beatles and Hendrix through their own very unique brand of rock music. It's not often that you get to see genuine crowd surfing and lighters lit at Noise In The Basement but people were truly moved by Dreamboat's performance at Baltimore Sound Stage. This is a next-level band with 4 part harmonies and they were of course shirtless by the end of the show in true trademark fashion. The current line-up of the band has only been playing together for a year but they already have a lot to be proud of. You might have seen them open for Eric Johnson or The Dirty Guv'nahs and they made their mark on the worldwide Hard Rock Rising Competition. The guys won the local and regional part of the competiton and ranked highly on the worldwide part of the contest. (They were robbed of course. Had the brass at Hard Rock actually seen the band live they surely would have placed the spotlight on Baltimore.)”

“Dreamboat Armada won the local round of the Hard Rock Rising 2012 Competition on March 29 at Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore. The quartet beat out Redwud and Jet City Vega, and moved on the global competition which features 86 different acts. Judging by the YouTube video that was created to spread the word about the competition, the band has a sense of humor — along with pipes — it isn't afraid to show.”