Andrea Card / Press

"I got the privilege of hearing a very talented young lady at the time sing on a regular basis head and shoulders above pretty much everyone else. I figured if she pursued it, she’d be successful." J Pantalleresco

“The Real Thing...Andrea is the real thing! You are such a positive person, the strength The Lord gives you is admirable, may He continue to build you up and bless your life. Don't ever stop singing because you have something special, not just your voice, it's your spirit. You are alive and smiling through the toughest things a person has to face, I admire you Andrea, very pleased to have crossed paths. Although you are Drea "Darc" you're a ray of "light" in this world, keep shining.”

“Drea Darc was picked back in Feb 2011 to be a featured artist on Mystonic Records radio show!”