Dr. Bombay and The Atomic Bachelor Pad / Press

“Best band name ever – Dr. Bombay and the Atomic Bachelor Pad. To expound upon what you might think is a wacky, insane band, here’s the band’s description of itself on Facebook: “Smoking monkeys wearing fezzes, go-go dancers with white boots, lucha libre, longboarding at Huntington Beach (or the banks of the Ohio), martinis and fun rock ‘n’ roll.” Basically what you’re going to get out of this dirty surf-rock band is a party, if you didn’t figure that out simply by the band name. Sharing the stage is Ford Theatre Reunion and the Loveless.”

“Sometimes a name tells you all you need to know. Doctor Bombay was the magic physician on Bewitched, atomic tends to recall post-WWII America and bachelor pad evokes the martini cool of the ‘60s and the subsequent Lounge craze it inspired. What does that have to do with Doctor Bombay & the Atomic Bachelor Pad’s unhinged take on Chuck Berry’s Rock with a hang-ten Surf tidal undercurrent and a volume knob welded into place at 10-plus? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. Maybe you need Doctor Bombay to strip the top layer of skin off your face with their patented Rock peel and then you’ll understand, as long as you’re conscious. Dig: Horror movie Surf Rock louder and scarier than Metal knows how to be.”

"With a name like Doctor Bombay and The Atomic Bachelor Pad, you know these guys are good"

“ From Day 1 Doctor Bombay came out of the gate strong! It's not only the spectacle of the show with a stripping gorilla, but the surf comes out, some ethnicity and even some Big Band.”

"The fun and fresh sound of Doctor Bombay started as vintage-style Surf Rock, but quickly began to mutate due to the infusion of other genres. " "In a short amount of time, Doctor Bombay’s memorable live presence has made the band a true force in Greater Cincinnati’s music scene, even with such an unconventional sound. " "that is why it works — the band is so thoroughly different that it’s difficult for people to not pay attention. And once Doctor Bombay has you hooked, unless you want to go cold turkey, you’ll be back for regular visits. "