Draztic Music / Press

"Drop That" is the #1 single worldwide on the AMA Hits Charts

“As of 5/3/2010 Draztic is the #1 artist worldwide on the AMA Hits Charts”

"We appreciate Draztic, his musical talent, and he is business savvy!...."

“Constant improvement and it shows....up to #11 in 1 week...."”

".....Nice hooks and catchy rhymes..."

"He's MY favorite rapper...."

Karli Leann - #1 fan

"I had no idea Draztic was white...."

Mike - First time show

"Catchy as shit!"

Brian Ricks - Producer

"An incredible artist, and pleasure to work with....."

"Some of the most influential music of the town....."

"Nick Ulleseit (left), 19, a Los Gatos High School graduate, and his partner Nic Guedenet, 19, who graduated from Nova, are determined to leave their mark in the music industry, and it seems they are well on their way. Already attracting a solid fan base across the Bay Area......."