Drayton Road / Press

“Drayton Road — Familiar Faces Deliver a New Sound Drayton Road is a new rock group in town who are set on making their mark here in Fayetteville and hope make a name for themselves and their city. The four-piece band is more than familiar with the local music scene. Brent Underwood once fronted Nephilym, which was in the past, Fayetteville’s super-group. Taking on the other half of the vocal and guitar duties is Jacob Smotherman who formerly fronted The Evan City Saints. They then recruited Harry Godwin and Nick Peeler to handle the rhythm section. Since then they have recorded a five-song self-titled demo. At first Drayton Road might confuse their listeners by their song titles compared to their sound. Four out of the five songs have ridiculous titles aimed to show they have some humor and a carefree side. The actual music speaks volumes, showing they are serious about their business and have what it takes to make it out there in the music world.”

“Brent Underwood won the Carolina Music Awards 2011 ROCK MALE OF THE YEAR”