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“I love it! When your CD come out I will buy it. Great job! You are very talented”

Shameeka C. - Facebook Fan

“Shits good homie keep it up!..”

Miguel O. - Facebook Fan

“Hey!!! Its awesome!! :) Good Job, I'll buy one 2!!..”

Mikalena W. - Facebook Fan

“Thats hot nigga I like it for real keep doing ya thing my nigga..”

Travis C. - Facebook Fan


“Yo that shits fire son. Make sure I get a copy of the whole mixtape...”

Jay S. - Facebook Fan


J-Magic - Fan

“Dray105 is a free spirit pursuing a dream. He eats,sleeps,and breathes music. In his world there are no rules and regulations.”

“I seen you on Alwayz Therro, Keep doing ya thing man. I like what you stand for and look forward to what you could bring to music. Make sure to check my page out when you get a chance and show some support if you feeli... Dec 17 ”

D.Fornay - Fan

“Dray105 will be featured in Alwayz Therro Magazine.Stay tuned for the next issue.”

501 Yard

“Local Hip-Hop artist Dray105 is rumored to be one of the performers at a big event in January.Stay tuned for updates in his show schedule.”

501 Yard

“Yessir! "Via Celebrity" is a certified SMASH. But of course i'm sure you already know that. Keep on pushin'!”

Calloway - Fan

“Dear Dray 105, Hello my new friend, Great tune here! cool! Greetings from TOKIO, Ryo,”

Ryo Utasato - Fan

“Absolutely marvelous! Definitely recommending this page.”

Tahir Ah - Fan

“They should make a laptop computer with subs built into it! Digging your stuff. Thanks for connecting!”

The Idiomatics about "Via celebrity" - Fan

“Wow the track is So Fly and Sexy!”

Divine Charle'nee about "Via Celebrity" - Fan