Dragonsclaw / Press


“New Single April 5th exclusively at www.metalunderground.com”

“an 8.5/10 Review From THE METAL PIT Dragonsclaw have renewed my faith in the future of power metal. Highly recommended for fans of Cage, Painkiller-era Judas Priest, and Racer X.”

“A 19/20 Review From SPIRIT OF METAL Zine There's nothing more I can really say about how incredible this album is, "Prophecy" is really something you need to hear for yourself to get an idea of what the band is really all about. These guys came out of nowhere and dropped a bomb of classic metal that will have you smiling and banging your head from track one until the end!”

“A 5/5 Review from MetalRules.Net! - Imagine the perfect blend of the first two Racer X albums, and Priest’s PAINKILLER, mixed with old 80’s Queensryche. Sure to make many Top 10 lists of the year ”