Detroit Perfect / Press

“ Artist: DETROIT PERFECT Title: Detroit Perfect 2 Rough, ready and stripped to the bone is the best way to describe the debut EP from these guys. There is literally no information on band make up or history available on them and the music here is about as simple and raw as you can get. It’s pure garage rock with punk attitude that sounds like it was done in one take using tin cans and a shoebox as recording technology. That will be no serious impediment to your enjoyment of these tunes, but it sure requires an adjustment, especially if you’re used to modern ProTools production techniques. Expect NONE of that from Detroit Perfect! This really is 60’s style proto-punk with production to match. ”

“Exclusive Interview Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today. My name is Bill “Halfway” Hamill, the co-lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player for Detroit Perfect. The rest are Shonny Constant on vocals and electric guitar, Eric Bachman on Bass, and ChZk on drums. The four of us all went to East Detroit High School together once a long time ago, and are all 20 year veterans of the Metro Detroit rock music scene. I’ll let our bio tell the rest: Detroit Perfect is an acoustic/ electric mashup of punk rock styles from first gen NY CBGB bands through the re-explosion of the 90′s, combined with protest and revolutionary songs spanning all generations, and a dash of glam rock piss, to taste. We keep hearing being asked what style of music we are after shows, and being told “I’ve never seen anything like that.” Hopefully you feel the same way, and until someone smarter comes up with a better name, we’re calling it dirt rock.”

“ There is, I think, something quite endearing about the durability of punk rock. Its heyday in the UK was very brief, a year perhaps two at most, then it faded. Across the Atlantic punk continues, alive and kicking, past hardcore and the like. Detroit Perfect are an example of a band which has taken the still throbbing heart of punk and clothed it with a body which, while familiar in many ways, is new and potentially quite exciting. ”