Down Theory / Press

“This review is from: Invisible Empire (Audio CD) Modern rock - for lack of a better term - is a tricky thing. Too much heaviness equates to zero accessibility. Too much accessibility may equate to a hit song or two, but also means zero street cred for eternity. DownTheory strike the perfect balance, and offer a refreshingly original take on the genre. The band hails from Jacksonville, Florida, best known for being the home of Southern Rock heavyweights Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, .38 Special, and Molly Hatchet - but there is not a trace of Dixie in DownTheory's music or lyrics. The closest I can come to comparisons is to reference either the always incredible Foo Fighters (but that's not quite right) or the sorely missed and underrated Mindset (though that's not quite right either). Vocalist Nick Lee is the marquee star here, at least to my ears. What a voice! He's got a multi-octave range and displays both amazing creativity and much-appreciated restraint... Read more at link below.”