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“ Downspeed shifts gears with added bassist”

““ Downspeed The much anticipated "re-debut" of Toledo hard rockers Downspeed was next to hit the stage, or rather blow up the stage I should say. Burn on vocals and axe, J The Janitor on drums, and The Kid on bass hit the audience with a loud ass barrage of rock. Now some bands use loud to cover up, this was not the case it was who they are. Now this is the first time Ive seen these Toledo natives live and now that they have their line up issues out of the way I'll become more familiar with their songs and be able to tell you about them in better detail. I was in enjoyment mode ,egged on by the 5th of Jack Daniels that Burn passed down to me. So by this time I'm not sure if I would have remember the names of the songs. I can say this , they laid down a slab of steel,rock reminiscent of early Motely Crue ( you know when they were good n hungry, not fat stoned n lazy). Brash, cocky and backing it up with kick ass music n attitude. Way to bring it Downspeed. ”— Michael Rys, Punk Gl”

Michael Rys - Punk Globe

“You will not see a sausage fest at a Downspeed show!”