““Death To The New” is epic in its overall sound, tying together all elements of the band in a way that would sink many other established bands – linking these elements ensures for a full sound and a timelessness to the track that will appease all fans of metal, no matter whether they started with Black Sabbath, Sepultura, or even Bleeding Through”

“The music has everything you would expect from a high octane driven thrash metal CD. The musical style refuses to be pinned into submission, the vocals are gritty & are deep in your grill, & the guitar playing is hot to the touch. Make no bones about it – this is total mosh pit madness. The songs themselves are reckless & packed to the hilt with raw intensity & lyrical content straight from the crypt keeper.”


“Downslave flat out surprised me. I ain’t gonna’ lie. We get inundated with a ton of music and yes, we get jaded to the point where we ask out loud, “Oh great, what’s this all about?” In the case of Cost of Freedom, hands down, this album has blasted its way into my top ten of the year. Maybe it’s the familiar tones of bands like Down or Pantera or whoever that I immediately gravitate towards, but in truth, I think it’s the emotions worn on the shirtsleeve that intrigue me the most, and ultimately won me over. I get the sense that though these guys are young, they’ve felt the pain of life and have figured out how to redirect the aggression into their music. They sound like they’ve been doing this for years. The music is tight and focused, never meandering away from the root of the groove, and it’s performed with youthful exuberance mixed with veteran intensity. Pope”